Prepare your Retail Facilities For The Summer Shopping Season



Summer is officially here! It’s the time for frolicking in the sun, going to the beach and indulging in some fun backyard barbecues. But in Australia, the summer season also coincides with the holiday season, which also comes with shopping for gifts, travelling and making the most of the Black Friday, Christmas and Boxing Day sales.

As a retailer, are you prepared for the busy shopping season ahead? What are some steps you can take to ensure you and your customers have the most profitable and enjoyable experience? From upgrading storefront branding to enlisting the help of a commercial cleaning company to refresh your shop after a busy shopping day, here are some steps you can take to prepare your retail facility for the summer shopping season:

Plan Special Events

There are so many reasons to celebrate during the summertime in Australia! From Christmas and the New Year to summer music concerts and beach days, there is ample opportunity to offer seasonal specials during this time of the year. Studies show that in many cases, retailers make more profits during sale events than they do on normal days. Part of the reason is because people love knowing that they are saving money by shopping through sales and typically wait for the big sale days (EOFY, Black Friday or Boxing Day) to make large purchases.

Upgrade Your Storefront Branding

There’s no better way to make your store look inviting than by being part of the holiday cheer. Decorate your store for Christmas and New Year or for the summer season. Install banners, wall-decals and posters, introduce your sales and offer more benefits for shopping over the summer season. Everyone loves a good deal!

Your online store shouldn’t be left behind! If you’re offering in-store sales or specials, advertise them on your website so people have more incentive to come to your store. Enlist the help of freelance designers or developers, and modify your online store’s look to reflect the current theme (Christmas, New Year or summer).

Stock Up

As a consumer, it can be incredibly frustrating to wait for a product to go on sale, only for it to be sold out as soon as the sale starts. While it can be impossible for any brand to accurately know how in demand a certain product will be, looking at past data can provide insight into the most sold products in recent history. Having this information at hand will allow you to ensure you have enough inventory to satisfy all your customers.

Staff Up

The Christmas selling period is one of the busiest times of the year, and you will need all the help you can get. Your existing staff members can quickly get overloaded, increasing the risk of accidents, mistakes and angry customers. Make sure you are accurately anticipating the traffic your store is likely to see and are adequately staffed for it.

Hire a Commercial Cleaner

After a busy day of dealing with customers, ringing up products and making you a profit, your staff should not be expected to stay back to perform a deep clean on your store. Moreover, if your sale extends for a couple of days, you want to make sure your customers are returning to a clean, orderly store. This is where the importance of commercial cleaners is felt.

A commercial cleaning company can adjust their cleaning schedules according to your routine to ensure minimal disruption to your business. By enlisting the help of commercial cleaning services, you ensure your brand reputation is maintained and your store is ready to open the next day. The best commercial cleaners will have all the right equipment and chemicals to clean your retail facility in the shortest time possible.

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