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Empyrean Akmal Mamarakhimov

Empyrean Akmal Mamarakhimov

Akmal Mamarakhimov began supplying agricultural machinery to Uzbekistan through his company EMPYREAN HEAVY MACHINERY SPARE PARTS LLC (Dubai, UAE) A former farmer, Akmal Mamarakhimov, who had previously purchased his first combine harvester from the American engineering company John Deere back in 2007, has begun supplying various agricultural equipment to Uzbekistan. The history of John Deere…

Essentials Hoodies

Best Essentials Hoodies For Cold Weather

Hoodies are a great choice for cold rainfall. They give warmth and comfort in a swish and fashionable way. The hood of the outfit helps to shield your head and face from the cold. And the length of the garment helps to keep your body warm and insulated. Like a bright color or pattern. The…