10 Gadgets That Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter

10 Gadgets That Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter

Smartphones are amazing, from the phone book and calendars to a camera, clocks, and music players. Smartphones integrate numerous small devices into one handheld device. However, if you’d like to get more of your smartphone, various accessories can help take your smartphone experience to the highest level.

Check out the below list of gadgets that can help your smartphone become more intelligent. This list includes smartphone-operated security devices, storage devices, digital microscopes, and an in-pocket fan! Let’s have a look.

1.Viper Smart Start

Viper SmartArt is an auto control system that allows you to connect your car via your phone.

Viper Smart Device Viper smart device makes secure connections with its Viper Smart Start app in your phone, allowing you to start, lock and unlock your car get alerts, locate and track its location, and even check its status.

The ability to start your car and lock or unlock the doors from a distance is fascinating. There’s also a Diagnostic Trouble Code that assists you in identifying the problems with the engine of your vehicle.

You must sign up for an annual service plan and install the device professionally on your automobile.

2.Tile Mate

Your smartphone can locate your objects that are lost using Tile. It’s a multi-purpose tracker that connects to your phone using Bluetooth and is placed on or attached to anything at risk of being lost.

Once you’ve connected your smartphone, you can let it sound to locate your items within 200 feet or utilize a Tile app to show your location on the maps. It works in two ways, i.e., it can be used to locate your phone. Double-press it, and it’ll make your phone ring.

You can also anonymously request community members who use Tile to assist you in finding your missing belongings. With its compact design and a replaceable battery, Tile is an ideal device for tracking your belongings.

3.Yale Lift Master

Lift Master is an intelligent lock system that allows you to manage and control your home’s locks using your smartphone and without keys.

It is possible to place it anywhere on the entry points on your residential or commercial property. You can also avail options such as opening and closing doors using a smartphone, getting alerts to set a timer for locking doors and synchronizing to other devices.

Lift Master smart locks can be connected to your smartphone via the app myQ and provide an intelligent keypad lever and smart deadbolt with a touchscreen, among other features.

You can also allow anyone inside your home remotely and share access to your home using the guest feature of the application.

4.Pico Genie

The world’s smallest projection device, PIQO, has a projector you can grab and go connected to your smartphone. It provides the most amazing viewing experience for any media.

Its size is small (just a little over 2 inches) along with long battery life (5 hours of playback time), you can take your cinema almost everywhere.

The best thing about PIQO is its impressive technological features, including integrated hi-fi speakers with built-in speakers, WIFI, Bluetooth, HDMI, and USB connectivity. It also comes with 16GB of internal storage.

The device is also compatible with over 3 million apps available on Google Play Store. It can stream content through Netflix and YouTube on your phone or computer, creating a truly entertaining cube.

5.Deeper Smart Fish finder

If you’re not good at fishing or don’t want to ruin your fishing experience by catching no fish, this smart gadget can assist you.

Diaper’s smart fishing finder gadget for fishing which works with sonar technology. You throw it into the water. It examines the water and informs you of the location of fish using your phone.

Its smart-looking fish finder works for Android as well as iOS smartphones. It includes a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.

Additionally, the gadget can detect fish in the approximate range of 50 meters. It also provides an easy-to-read display that includes information about the bottom and vegetation.

6.Sky basic Mini Digital Optical microscope

The digital microscope is handheld which connects wirelessly to your phone and lets you see into the tiny spaces the human eye cannot reach.

It is possible to capture images and video in 1080P HD resolution with a 2MP camera that reveals amazing details of the objects. Digital microscopes connect to your smartphone using the Android or iOS application or directly with its Windows and Mac computer through its software.

The magnification ranges between 50x and 1000x. Eight adjustable LED lights offer excellent clarity for viewing. Also, there’s a fixed stand and a rotatable stand made of metal for it to be held in a procedure.

7.SiPix Portable Photo Printer

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable smartphone printer, look at KiiPix portable photo printer. It’s extremely compact and simple to use wherever.

All you need to do is place the film onto the paper, put your phone with the desired image on top, and voilà! Your most loved photograph will be instantly printed.

The best part about the Kipi printer is that it doesn’t require you to connect it to cables or batteries, although it will require Fujifilm to install the mini film, which you’ll have to purchase separately.

Furthermore, the two edges of the printing device could be folded flat to make it easy to carry around.

8.COOBILE Mobile Game Supervisor

If you’re fond of playing multiplayer games on your smartphone, this device can provide you with a lot of fun.

COOBILE is a multi-purpose game controller that serves as a phone holder and a mobile gaming trigger.

It’s a universal controller that works with all four to 5.6 inches smartphones on all operating systems. COOL BIKE game controllers are made to give you a comfortable grip with alloy triggers and 4-finger operation.

The best part is that the trigger for games can be turned up to 180 degrees to allow you to set up the game and even fix the screen.

9.Xenon Pro Lens Kit

Xenon Pro Lens Kit is an ideal accessory for photographers on mobile phones and selfie lovers.

The kit consists of Clarus 15x macro lens, TrueView 0.45x wide-angle lens, a Regrip clip for the lens, a Glow Clip mini-LED light Quick-release case, and Isoclinal, which will give you a fantastic smartphone photography experience.

The lens kit works with both single and dual-camera phones. It includes a video tutorial as well as a quick-start guide. The lenses included in the kit are high-quality and produce excellent results. Using the light clips with LEDs will make your photos appear more vibrant.

The durable travel case will also ensure that you can take your camera kit with you.

10.Go sky Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount

To record in your smartphone’s camera the images you see with your eyes on an instrument like a telescope, microscope, or binocular, here’s an iPhone mount that can be attached to your phone to one of these instruments effortlessly and with precision.

The mount is designed to keep your phone steady and connected to the device for viewing. Most of the mount’s body is composed of zinc alloy, with the highest-strength phone clamp made of PA.

It is possible to fit any size or smartphone onto the mount and use it to film and even photograph with your smartphone.

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