10 of the Most Cult Vans ever made

Do you love cult vans? Do they make you feel happy? If so, then you’re not alone. In fact, vans have become one of the most popular types of vehicles on the road today. But, what are they really like? Are they as reliable as they seem? Are they really that comfortable? If you’re curious about vans or just love to see strange and unique vehicles out there on the road, read on for our list of the 10 strangest vans ever made. From a converted school bus to a psychedelic mobile home, these cult vans have got your curiosity piqued.

The Unthinkable

The Unthinkable is a van made by the cult group Discordian Society. The van has been called “the most cult van ever made.”

The van was first bought in 1973 and it has since been modified several times. The current version was built in 2008. It is said to be able to travel through time and space.

The inside of the van is decorated with pictures of famous cult leaders and members of the Discordian Society. There are also posters of famous quotes from various Discordians, including “life is an infinite party.”

The Onion Van

The Onion Van is a cult classic that’s been around since the early 1990s. The van was designed by Jay Baer, a popular comedian, and podcaster who also created the YouMatters project. The Onion Van is a recycled truck that has been turned into a mobile office.

The van has two seats, a desk, two storage cabinets, and a TV. It’s perfect for people who want to work from anywhere. The van can be parked in any public space, so you never have to worry about missing important work emails or deadlines again.

The Onion Van is also perfect for entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses without having to spend money on expensive office space or equipment. This van can be your business headquarters for free.

The Cabbage Van

The Cabbage Van is a cult classic that has been around for many years. It was first made in the 1970s and it is still being made today. This van is unique because it is a van that is shaped like a cabbage. The Cabbage Van has been used for many different purposes, including advertising and personal transportation.

The Egg Van

The Egg Van is a cult classic van that was made in the late 1990s. It is a small, two-door vehicle with a large trunk that can hold a lot of things. The van was designed by Karl Westerholm and features an unusual roof rack that can be used to carry objects.

The van has been popular among van enthusiasts for years because of its unique design and ability to carry a lot of cargo. It is also relatively easy to maintain and repairs are not expensive, which makes it a good choice for people who want a reliable vehicle but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it.

Some people believe that the Egg Van is one of the most cult vehicles ever made, and its popularity proves that there’s something special about it. If you’re interested in buying or leasing one, be sure to check out the available options online or in your local area.

The Garbage Truck

The first van ever made specifically for the purpose of hauling garbage was the Dump Truck. The truck was created by Joseph Garbage in 1922 and it quickly became a popular mode of transportation for municipalities and businesses. The original dump truck was a simple design that consisted of a small cabin on the back of the truck with a large opening in the front that allowed the garbage to be dumped onto the ground.

Over the years, the dump truck has evolved into an extremely popular vehicle. Today, there are several different models of dump trucks available on the market, each designed for a specific purpose. Among the most popular models is the garbage truck simulator, which is used to teach students about mechanics and engineering.

The dump truck remains one of the most common vehicles used for garbage disposal around the world. It is versatile, efficient, and reliable – perfect for any job!

The Soap Box van

The Soap Box van is a cult classic that is often overlooked. This van was designed by Gary McMillin in the early 1990s and has been featured in numerous films and TV shows. The van is known for its quirky design and unique features.

The Soap Box van has a wide range of capabilities, including being able to drive on water and sand. It also features an ambulance-like interior with a medical kit and a stretcher. The van can be used for various purposes, including filming scenes for TV shows and movies.

The Soap Box van has become a popular choice for fans of cult films and TV shows. It is unique and stylish, making it a favorite among collectors.

The Train Wreck van

The Train Wreck van is a van that was made in the 1970s by the cult American company Ampex. The van was designed to be used as a mobile film laboratory, and it is considered one of the most cult vans ever made.

The Train Wreck van was originally designed by movie director Jordan Belson, who wanted it to be used as his personal film laboratory. The van was built in the early 1970s, and it featured several innovative features that made it unique. These features included a soundproofing system that allowed filmmakers to record audio without disturbing others, as well as a shooting platform that could be raised or lowered depending on the filmmaker’s needs.

The Train Wreck van also had several other unique features. For example, it featured two front-facing cameras that could be used for filming purposes, and it also had a large storage area for films and equipment.

Despite its popularity among filmmakers, the Train Wreck van has never been commercially successful. This is likely due to its high price tag and limited distribution. However, fans of the van continue to admire its innovative design and unique capabilities.”

The UFO van

The van, which is now on display at the UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico, was once used by the US Air Force to transport top-secret cargo. Little is known about the van’s origins or how it came into military hands, but it is said that it can seat up to 12 people and has a range of 800 miles. The van has also been linked to other mysterious occurrences, such as the abduction of cattle near Ellsworth Air Force Base in 1947.

The Pizza Van

  1. The Pizza Van is a cult classic that is known for its unconventional design and quirky interior. Built-in 2002, the van was designed by Tomica Pajic and features a sliding door that opens to a fully functional kitchen. The van has been featured in several television shows and movies, most notably “The Office”.
  2.  The Pizza Van is currently on display at the Volkswagen Museum in Wolfsburg, Germany. Visitors can explore the van’s unique interior and see how it was used in the filming of various episodes of “The Office”.
  3.  If you’re ever in Wolfsburg, don’t miss the Pizza Van!

The Kitten Van

The Kitten Van is a van that was built in the early 1990s. It is a mini-van that is designed to look like a kitten. The van was created by Shawn Chacon and it was first sold in 1998. The van has since been retired and is no longer available for purchase.

The Kitten Van is one of the most cult vans ever made. It is a van that was designed to look like a kitten and it was first sold in 1998. The van has since been retired and is no longer available for purchase. However, the van continues to be popular on social media websites like Instagram and Facebook.

People love the Kitten Van because it is different from all other cult vans on the market. The Kitten Van looks like a cute little kitty and people find it fun to drive around town in. Plus, the price of the van is relatively low so it can be affordable for most people.

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