3 Of The Best Bamboo Products Available On The Market


When it comes to producing goods more sustainably, one material that has been shown to effectively serve its role in replacing plastic is bamboo. In particular, it’s been making significant strides in the game of golf in efforts to make the game more sustainable. And it needs it. Today, golf is the most polluting sport in the world. The reason for this is largely due to its use of water to maintain golf courses, but there is also a whole lot of waste being produced in every area of the sport – namely golf balls and golf tees. A remedy for this and a start toward making the game more environmentally friendly is using bamboo products.

How Much Pollution Is There In Golf?

To better understand why making the game more sustainable is so important, here are some jarring statistics. In the United States alone, roughly 300 million golf balls are lost annually. Golf balls will sadly often end up at the bottom of a body of water where they are lost. This was evident in Loch Ness recently where an expedition that was searching for the mythical monster ended up finding a monster of a different kind – piles upon piles of golf balls. The same will be true of any body of water close to a golf course, where tees will also be polluting the local environment. Annually, over 3 billion golf tees are produced a year, and those golf tees are often used disposably with very short lifespans. Although tackling water usage should be a primary goal when it comes to making golf more green, taking on these issues will surely be a major obstacle to overcome and make a great start toward the ultimate goal.

Bamboo Golf Tees

There are sustainable golf accessory companies that are doing their part by helping to introduce radically improved bamboo golf tees to the wider markets for players to use. The reason these are such a marked improvement is that they are made using a renewable resource in bamboo. Bamboo can grow up to 3.5 feet per day, 1000 times quicker than popular hardwoods like oak and without the use of fertiliser. Additionally, because it is a type of grass, it is more flexible and less likely to break. Not only this but it works with clubs mower blades better than plastic substitutes!

If the golf tees are lost while playing, they are also biodegradable, meaning they can eventually decompose without causing any harm to the course or its surrounding environment. The ink used to print on the tees is also fully biodegradable. Using bamboo makes for fewer snaps when compared to plastic tees, as the material is stronger and more flexible. These bamboo tees come in varying lengths that are colour-coded, so you can easily find the best size for your game. The pink castle golf tees are a particular favourite for a daily driver, coming in at 59mm. If that’s not your style then you needn’t worry as there are tees in all manner of sizes, from 32mm to 83mm. If you’re looking for a well-rounded set of tees suitable for any course, then we’d recommend going for a set of:

  • Blue 39mm tees
  • Pink 59mm tees
  • Orange 70mm tees

Bamboo Cleaning Towel

Keep your conscious clean while you clean your clubs with this fantastic microfibre cleaning towel which clips right onto your club bag. The absorbent material uses bamboo fibre that is quick-drying, easy to clean, and sure to leave your golf clubs looking nice and shiny. Switching out your other golfing accessories for long-lasting bamboo alternatives such as these can make a world of difference in the grand scheme of things, and help to start making golf more environmentally friendly.

Bamboo Toothbrush

If you’re looking for more ways to decrease your use of plastics, another great place to start is with your toothbrush. Roughly 3.5 billion toothbrushes are sold each year, a majority of which end up in a landfill. Making the switch to bamboo will reduce the waste and pollution made by discarding plastic, leaving the world a little cleaner. On top of that, bamboo actually has anti-bacterial properties, meaning that they are also more sanitary than standard toothbrushes. This means that your teeth can end up being cleaner and more sanitary as well!

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