5 Habits to Help You Lead a More Productive Life

productive habits

From increasing caffeine intake to surrounding yourself with productive individuals, you are probably always finding ways to make your life and time more productive. But no matter what you try, always remember that your efforts may go into vain if you’re not consistent. It might be difficult to stay consistent and focused for long periods of time because this digital age brings forth with it a fair share of distractions.  

Apart from the usual distractions, there are many other aspects that might hinder your productivity. These may include an indolent friend, a toxic work environment, a discouraging partner, sleep deprivation, etc. So, in order to perform at your optimum potential, include the habits and lifestyle changes mentioned below. 

Wake Up Early  

The old saying ‘early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise’, speaks volumes. Apart from having numerous health benefits, waking up early has proven to keep you productive throughout the day. Try waking up as early as possible so that you get enough time to go through your thoughts without the distraction of other people. Moreover, this even allows you to get done with more work than you would be able to do otherwise. 

Pre-Plan Your Day 

This completely changes the game. You will get a head start on your day in the morning if you spend just 15 minutes pre-planning your next day the night before you go to bed. Write out your to-do list, decide on your priorities, get your clothing ready, and take care of everything else you need to prepare for the following day. 

Pen Your Thoughts 

Everybody savors a brief period of daydreaming. You generate some of your best ideas during such moments as well. But the majority of the time, nobody records them. A notepad should always be close by so that you can record your ideas. From business ideas, to new skills, to random quotes, you should note down any productive thought that comes to your mind. 

Take Breaks 

After many hours of arduous work, the pain in your head should be your cue to stop. Since your brain has run out of glucose, take a moment to unwind by eating something, going for a walk, or just unwinding with some meditation. You’ll return rejuvenated and set to work more productively. 

Try Following the 80/20 Rule 

The 80/20 rule, also known as the Pareto principle implies that only 20% of efforts yield 80% of the results. Your task is to determine which 20% of the efforts are yielding the best outcomes. Focus on these particular initiatives and scale them as effectively as you can. 

Avoid Multi-Tasking 

Stop attempting to accomplish multiple things at the same time, because you’re not a robot. Your IQ decreases by 10 points on average if you switch tasks more than ten times every day. By concentrating on one activity at a time, you may accomplish tasks more quickly and successfully. 

Never Stop Learning 

In this world, knowledge truly is power. Therefore, you should make an effort to learn new skills each day. A TED lecture or a straightforward news piece will both help you get a deeper awareness of your surroundings. You are just making up excuses if you believe that you don’t have time throughout the day. Everyone can take out at least 5 minutes from their day to read an article.  

Do Not Confuse Laziness with Productivity 

Although no one likes to admit it, the main cause of lost productivity is simple indifference. In reality, a lot of supposedly time-saving techniques, like meetings and emails, are really just means to avoid completing the actual work. Focus on completing the most important tasks as quickly and effectively as you can. 


Complete Complex Tasks Before Going for Lunch 

Finish your most difficult tasks when your mind is still fresh. For example, if you’re the HR personel of a company with a centralized recruitment system, you should make sure you carry out the detailed document and interview work before leaving for lunch. Since the entire company depends on you for such a major task, you should do it with a fresh and focussed mind. Any busy tasks or meetings should be postponed until the afternoon. You can make a new and more effective strategy to manage time by planning your day in this manner. 


It takes effort to create and maintain excellent habits. In addition to patience, it takes time and discipline. You won’t see any measurable changes overnight. Moreover, consistency is key, so try to be as consistent as possible. Additionally, instead of taking these habits as a temporary change, make them a lifestyle.  But, once you’ve mastered one, move on to the next one once it becomes routine.  

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