5 Peerless Oil Boiler Problems Signifying You Need New Boiler Controls ASAP

Peerless Oil Boiler

Peerless oil boilers are the most economical and energy-efficient boilers. Plus, it heats the water, and fuel wastage is minimal if you use this boiler system. No matter whether the heating system is a steam system or a hot water system, boilers are perfect for the home. Nonetheless, the boilers are a machine, too and machines at a given point in time are prone to fault. So, down below are some problems you may face, and the best possible solution is mentioned:

Keeps switching off

The common problem the peerless boiler parts have, it gets fired up, then turn off immediately. It starts heating and then stops working, repeating the cycle for the next few seconds or minutes. 

Why does the boiler fire up

Boilers have many fail-safe mechanisms that activate and cause a boiler lockout when the situation turns harmful. An efficiently pressurized boiler may not face issues like leaks due to heating system problems. The boiler locks itself out till the issue is solved to ward off system leaks. If your boiler switches off or locks out itself, it is because of the following reasons:

  • The boiler is losing pressure
  • Unoperational thermostat
  • Leaked or the broken pump
  • Water is not allowed to enter the system as the valves are closed

Losing pressure

It is one of the most common problems peerless boiler parts face. A query often gets aroused as to whether the boiler can lose pressure without leaks.

The reply is negative. No matter how small it is, the leak is the reason for a pressure loss. It is possible that you are unable to see the leak.

The following reasons might be the cause for the dropping of the pressure indicator overnight :

  • Proper work is not done by Pressure Relief Valve(PRV).
  • The broken auto air vent is losing pressure.
  • Air is filled in the radiator.
  • Faulty expansion vessel
  • Degraded old joints are leaking
  • No correct work is done by the pressure meter on the boiler.
  • The system is leaking. 

There is a leak when you discover the low boiler pressure while the heating is on. In this situation, the increased heat creates tension on the damaged part to leak due to the excess pressure.

Constant leakage

Boiler leaks are not serious and cause damage to the device. Yet, the operators are called out to examine a small leak leading to eroding the parts, and the repair is way too expensive. There are possible chances that water enters the boiler’s PCB(Printed Circuit Board), which is costlier to repair; boiler control replacement is the best option if such a situation arises.

Here are some problems that lead to leaks:

  • Deteriorate expansion vessel diaphragm
  • Fractured heat exchanger
  • Unsecured heating pump
  • The boiler faces leakage when it rains, as water enters from the tube
  • Leakage in the filling loop
  • Improper installation of the pipework connecting the boiler
  • Failure in the pressure release valve
  • Corroded internal parts are leaking

Noise from the boilers

The degraded boiler parts create thumping and babbling sounds. The main reasons for these noises are central heating pumps. With time, they collect air and cause airlocks. 

Well, this fault is easy to fix. 

Keep the pump behind the boiler to avoid air locking in the central heat pump. To let the air out, a small bleed screw has been fixed. There is no more airlock when the water enters from the bleed screw. 

Hot water

If the thermostat does not work properly, you may get hot water. Replacing the old one with the new one will fix the problem. 

Still, if the water from the shower is hot, then the thermostat does not have a problem. The problem is with the shower cartridge, which should be replaced. 

For every piece of equipment that faces problems, it is important to identify and rectify them as the only solution. 

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