6 Amazing Things to Do in Singapore That You Must Try Once


Many travelers go in order to experience the natural world, and away from human-made issues like traffic and the chaos of urban life. Many forget that man isn’t the only one to have created issues but also created marvels.

Singapore is a prime example of a human-made wonder. If you’re sick of the drained and stale routine of hiking in the hills and would like to experience the passion that is one of the world’s most rapidly growing urban civilizations, Singapore is the place to be. There are many Places to Visit in Singapore that will make you never want to leave this city-state.

From towering, cloud-strewn skyscrapers to ancient monuments that are rich in local tradition to a crowd of tourists from all over the globe and from exotic restaurants to picturesque beaches Singapore can be described as having everything that is the hallmark of a great vacation.

If you’re thinking of visiting Singapore to the very first time there are a few Things to Do in Singapore that you should not leave out:


The Singapore Flyer

The most famous attraction in Singapore is the Singapore Flyer. Singapore Flyer Sky Dining experience is among the biggest observation towers in the globe which is equivalent to 42 stories. When you ride the wheel take in the breathtaking views of distant sites like Raffles Place, Singapore River, and Padang, Padang, Empress Place, and Marina Bay. The Ferris wheel was massive and has been open to the public since 2008. Since that time, it’s been among the top sights in the city. It gives you a stunning perspective of the city. There is no doubt that the breathtaking views from the air certainly match the best Singapore activities to enjoy.

There are numerous eateries and shops on the site. The Ferris wheel features 28 air-conditioned cabins in which each capsule can hold 28 persons. Singapore Flyer operates between 08:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Jurong Bird Park

In Jurong Bird Park, where they reside, you may find more than 5000 different bird species. Twenty acres make up Jurong Bird Park. Numerous bird aficionados live there, and thousands of visitors come from all over the world to see hundreds of different bird species in their natural habitat. The world’s busiest walk-in aviary, also known as Waterfall Aviary and named after the park’s man-made Jurong waterfall, is another popular destination for park visitors. A typical adult ticket to Jurong Bird Park costs about SGD 37.

Marina Bay Sands

It is regarded as the most expensive structure ever constructed, Marina Bay Sands resort is an absolute paradise. The resort was inaugurated in 2010 in the resort, it consists of luxurious accommodation options including the largest casino and shopping mall in the world and a variety of dining establishments that serve delicious multi-cuisine dishes as well as the Art Science museum, a skating rink, top entertainment venues, discotheques, conference rooms, and so much more. When you look at the many features available at Marina Bay Sands, you will surely be able to enjoy your vacation with your family and friends. If you’re planning to have a romantic trip make sure to treat your palate a treat by going on an evening on the rooftop. It’s among some of the romantic activities you can do in Singapore for couples.


Universal Studios

ezgif Prepare yourself to have a blast. In Hollywood film theme park experience movie-themed roller coasters, as well as additional thrilling rides.

Universal Studios has numerous rides including Battlestar Galactica- Human vs. Cylon (the tallest pair of dual roller coasters anywhere in the world) as well as a four-dimensional Far-Far Away Castle from The World of Shrek, which is where you get to meet Shrek. The Universal Studio has a wide variety of attractions for everyone, which will please every type of visitor. This makes the attraction worth the trip.

In addition, there are exciting rides that you should try with your family and friends. No wonder! The fun of riding at this family-friendly attraction is among the most enjoyable activities you can do while in Singapore with your family.

MegaZip Adventure at Siloso Beach

If you’ve ever tried to experience zip lining or even done it before and you’re not disappointed, don’t skip the excitement of Megazip adventure on Siloso beach on Sentosa Island. They climb up to the top spot on the beach (around 75m) and then zip down to and experience a thrilling experience that is completely new and an experience that is sure to be memorable.

If you’re looking for exciting activities to enjoy in Singapore and beyond, it ends with Megazip Adventure Park. Megazip Adventure Park offers a variety of thrilling experiences. Each second, you will experience the excitement and fun you can share with your loved ones and friends in the Megazip Adventure Park.

Green Delight at Botanic Gardens

The gardens are a sanctuary of peace, within the 74-hectare area, Botanical Gardens is a wonderful treasure trove for anyone who loves nature and an absolute pleasure for the eye. It’s not just one of the top tourist attractions in Singapore however, it is also a favorite spot for botanical research and horticulture enthusiasts.

The green space is home to Jacob Ballas’ Children’s Garden where children can play exciting activities while learning about plants.

The main attraction in this park is the National Orchid Garden which boasts of the biggest orchid collection in the world. more than 60,000. SBG Heritage Museum is the other main attraction that has interactive exhibits and multimedia displays.

Enthralling Skydiving at iFLY

If you’ve been thinking about skydiving, but haven’t been able to go skydiving because of fear, here is your chance. iFLY Singapore offers you the possibility to participate in the thrilling sport of Sky skydiving in a built-in tunnel. First, you will be taught the sport under qualified instructors, and then take part in skydiving. Singapore provides you with a variety of types of experiences during your stay. However, skydiving excitement at it is among the most unique activities in Singapore that you should add to your trip.

It’s the largest themed wind tunnel designed for indoor skydiving around the globe. The cutting-edge technology of iFly Singapore makes flying easier and more enjoyable for kids of 7 years old and adults.


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