6 Unique Characteristics of Custom Candy Boxes

Candy Boxes

Candies are a joyful treat for the kids. They are very sweet and delicious and loved by the kids. In fact, everyone loves to eat candies because they give some sort of quick happiness. Candies make you happy, and the reason behind this is very simple. Candies are made up of sugar and the release of dopamine is what makes you happy. The Ancient Egyptians are the first ones to introduce candies by mixing fruits and nuts with honey. Since then, candies are liked by everyone. Around 8 pounds of candies are consumed annually by an average American.

The highest consumption of candy is in America, followed by China as they are in 2nd spot. There are tons of different companies which make delicious candies, some of the famous companies are; M&M’s, Skittles, Starburst, and many more. The revenue generated by these companies are in billion of dollars, and the total global market share is around 300 billion dollars, which is obviously huge. Candies are properly packed in boxes, which them easy to carry around. These boxes are also kept in stores, from where people can buy candies of their choice. Custom candy boxes can be very effective since they have unique features which deliver an amazing experience for the brands and customers.

 Decorative Designs

The unique design is the core feature of custom candy boxes. Boxes are the first thing that grabs the attention of the customers, and if the design isn’t good, it might repel customers. A good design delivers an attractive impression to the customers. That is why it is very important to design boxes accordingly. Brands take very seriously and have deep thought in designing boxes, and custom candy boxes are the only option that allows the brands to design them in any way they want. These boxes are printable, brands can design them with different catchy colors and unique design elements to make them attractive.

Stylish Packaging

Stylish element also makes the boxes very attractive, and deliver a unique unboxing experience. Custom candy boxes have a wide range of style options; they can be styled in any way brands want as they are very flexible with the customization. Brands can die-cut these boxes in different styles to make them attractive. Customers always appreciate unique box styles and they are also attracting customers more than any other box. The stylish packaging feature of custom candy boxes allows customers to enjoy a unique unboxing experience.

Attractive Marketing

Marketing help to influence people and make their mind to buy the product. Marketing is an important entity of the company that helps to grow business and bring more customers on board. Brands run marketing campaigns based on different objectives, and one of these objectives is to reach the masses. Since the competition between brands is very high to attract customers, all brands try to come up with different marketing strategies. One of the finest strategies is to come up with decorative designed boxes, and custom candy boxes are the best possible option. Marketing teams come up with unique creative designs for the boxes to make them fascinating and stand out unique in the competition.

Enhance Brand Image

Custom candy boxes play a very important role in developing a solid brand image in the market. Since confectionery is a billion-dollar industry, it is quite hard for brands to make their names stand out in the market. Having a unique image is very beneficial for the brands, it makes it easy for them to get new customers, and generate high sales. Brands can use custom candy boxes to enhance their brand image, brands can design these boxes with unique company themes and also print their official details beside the logo on the boxes. This approach will help customers to recognize the brand easily, and allow the brand to spread a strong reputation in the market.

Highly Customizable

Custom candy boxes are fully customizable; brands can customize them in any way they prefer. These boxes also give the option for custom sizes and multiple material options. Brands can bring different offers on candies by getting any size and style of these boxes they want, which provides more options for the customers to choose from, and more options are always appreciated by the customers. Brands can also get custom candy boxes in different materials according to their demand. There are different material options available and some of them are; Cardboard, Corrugate cardboard, Kraft, etc. All of these materials have their unique look and features and give unlimited customization options to the brands.

Ecological Packaging

The use of ecological packaging helps the brand to develop its positive image among customers. High consumption of candies means an increase in the wastage of candy boxes because customers will throw out the boxes once they eat all candies. These boxes affect the environment, as they are non-biodegradable and pile up waste pollution. The media has played an important role in spreading enough awareness about the use of eco-friendly solutions. So, brands have transferred the packaging to custom candy boxes. These boxes are made up of 100% recycled material, which makes them eco-friendly. These boxes are biodegradable, which means they decompose over time and decrease waste pollution. Nowadays, customers are very much into ecological products, as it develops a sense of happiness as they are doing their part to save the environment.


Custom candy boxes have unique characteristics which are very impactful for the brands. They are highly customizable, which allows the brands to design these boxes in a uniquely attractive way. Brands can get these boxes in different materials according to their requirement. Custom candy boxes allow the brands to style them in a unique way, and also brands can get these boxes in custom sizes that let the brands bring exciting offers for the customers. These boxes also act as a unique marketing strategy which helps to bring more revenue on board. These boxes attract customers at a glance and enhance their experience.

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