7 kinds of succulents that are renowned throughout the World

7 kinds of succulents that are renowned throughout the World

The word “succulent” originates of the Latin word “sucus,” indicating sap or juice. Succulents are a large and beefy variety of plants with stems that are ornamental. They are native to the dry climate in Central America and Africa. They’re membranes that are able to withstand the harsh climate conditions which is why they have thick and fleshy stems or leaves that store water.

Due to their artistic stems, leaves, and gorgeous blooms, these flowers are used in many suspended planters , as well as in bouquets. One of the most unique characteristics for these species is the fact that they don’t require regular watering and endure with little maintenance. This is the reason they are climbing the popularity charts and gaining an area in the bedrooms of people or living areas.

If you plan to bring home a few more of these succulents that are drought-resistant and you want to order these plants online through flower delivery in Pune. Let’s take a look at the succulents that are available:

  1. Aloe Vera – Who’s not aware of the amazing benefits from Aloe Vera? It is among the most well-known plants. It is easy to maintain this plant, which contributes to its renowned status as a household plant that is loved by many. The gel derived from its stalks is used to treat wounds and infections. It also aids in making hair silky, removing wrinkles and dark marks as well as providing a supple and soft skin. Be aware that it thrives in soil that is well-drained and provides some or all-day sunlight.


  1. Moonstone Succulent The scientific name of Moonstone succulent is called Pachyphytum, oviferum that refers to a large plant that carries eggs. The leaves range from pale bluish-purple to blue-green. They look like an almond-like sweet. It is native to Mexico. They can be placed anywhere in your home you’d like, for instance in a small pot for your desk at work or in the floating glass-based terrarium. Keep your eyes peeled for winter until the beginning of spring to see beautiful pink bell-shaped blooms on the terrarium. It is a great choice if wish sending flowers and gifts to Chennai.


  1. Hoya Kerrii – It’s often referred to as the sweetheart plant . It has become extremely popular as a Valentine’s Day plants. The reason for this is the heart-shaped stalk. Hoya plant requires an area with adequate lighting to grow, though it can be kept in a dim area. Be aware that a darkroom that is too dark isn’t recommended to this species.


  1. Jade Plant Also known as crassula Ovata This plant is well-known as a houseplant. It has a huge body and branches that appear as if they were a miniature tree. Its leaves are oval and are thick, shiny with deep, deep green. In some groups of these plants there is red in the top on the leaf. Once fully mature the plant gives way to pink or white blossoms which are in the form of stars.


  1. Lipstick Echeveria would like a vibrant succulent in the greenery of your garden then you can purchase this. The lime green-hued leaves feature red edges that sparkle like lipstick. This is the reason the name is provided. A little sun and some shade are essential for the growth of this plant.


  1. Zebra Plant Zebra Plant is sometimes referred to as Haworthia fasciata. These plants are renowned for their distinct characteristics. Its leaves are large and are dark green and have streaks of white horizontal lines on the leaves. In summer you must be generous with watering it and reduce in winter. Remember that you should give it a portion of sunlight.


  1. Donkey’s Tail : The official title that this succulent has is “Sedum morganianum.” It is also known as Burro’s tail. This is a class of flowering plants belonging to the Crassulaceae family, which is native in Honduras in Honduras and Southern Mexico. It has a long trail of robust blue-green leaves that bear pink to red blossoms during the summer. You can take this gorgeous succulent plant home and cultivate it outdoors as well as indoor & check new post how to resolve the redgifs.


It is important to remember that it requires enough sunlight, but not excessive heat. It also requires regular irrigation, with the exception of winter months. The succulent starts as an unassuming plant that has a few of teardrop-shaped leaflets. However, because it is the trailing type it is likely to be extends beyond the edges of the container as hanging plants or vines.

Once you’ve discovered the most popular varieties of succulents and you’ll be able to select more appropriate ones for your home and even order them on the internet with no cost flower delivery in Mumbai.

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