8 Ways to Plan the Perfect Couples Cruise

cruises for couples’ cruise

What is the perfect way to honeymoon? A cruise is the ideal honeymoon getaway. It’s good to go on a vacation where the two of you can just reconnect and unwind after the insane craziness of wedding preparation and all the practicalities and checklists that come with putting together a beautiful wedding day.

After your wonderful but undoubtedly exhausting wedding day, a honeymoon cruise will offer you a variety of opportunities to spend some quality time together and feel revived.

Here are 7 easy steps to help you organize one of the best romantic cruises for couples’ cruise. You can always apply them whether you and your partner have cruised before or not.

●     Cruise During Off-Season

Looking to plan a wonderful trip for two? While some cruise lines, like Celebrity Cruises or Princess Cruises, have a tendency to cater more to adults, the time of year you sail will also play a significant role in how many families and children are onboard the ship. Cruise during the off-season with like-minded folks seeking the same thing you are: some peace and quiet to reduce the number of screaming kids and exhausted parents. Additionally, cruising off-season will guarantee fewer tourists.

●     Treat yourself to a nice room

While a balcony cabin isn’t a bad option, you only get married once. Think about investing in a suite. On almost every cruise line, the benefits of a suite go beyond its size. Consider bigger showers and pillow menus! Try a personal concierge’s butler service. Has the same supper been sent to your room if you don’t feel like going out to eat? Heck, have your butler set it up on your balcony so you can eat outside in privacy. The benefits of a suite might range from priority embarkation and disembarkation, access to special seats for performances and events, a restaurant, sun deck, or lounge that is exclusively for suites, and even a welcome bottle of sparkling wine and fruit tray.

●     Indulge in adult entertainment

It’s time to have fun now that the kids are back home. You do recall how, right? This is your time to behave responsibly. You are welcome to visit a dance club and groove to your favorite music until one in the morning. Alternately, roll the dice and stay up late playing blackjack or craps in a casino. Go see an adult comedy show, drink cognac, play cards, or strike up a conversation with some interesting individuals in a dimly lit lounge.

●     Reserve Specialty Restaurants and Shore Excursions in Advance

Don’t wait until you board the ship to make reservations for activities you want to undertake while on your honeymoon cruise if you have your heart set on them.

When you make a reservation with Celebrity Cruises, you immediately receive access to an online account from which you may schedule dining at specialized restaurants, plan shore excursions, and schedule spa treatments. Since the most popular shore excursions sometimes sell out well in advance of the cruise embarkation day, it is crucial to do this. Additionally, on sea days or in ports where you reboard the ship earlier in the day, specialty restaurants frequently fill up quickly.


Planning your ideal activities in advance can ensure that your honeymoon is everything you had hoped it would be. Without a doubt, you have long fantasized about your honeymoon.


●     Enhance the Romance

Romantic occasions are traditionally marked by wine, roses, and strawberries covered in chocolate. With a Celebrity Cruises Celebration Package, you may carry on the romance and celebration of your wedding as your honeymoon cruise gets underway. This will delight and amaze your true love. The Classic Celebration Package usually comes with a bottle of wine, a lovely bouquet of flowers, and a dozen plump, delicious chocolate-dipped strawberries.

When you select a Deluxe Celebration Package, items such as Champagne and mimosas for a cozy romantic breakfast, a bouquet of fresh flowers, and those delectable chocolate-covered strawberries can be brought to your stateroom at a time you specify. Your romantic breakfast can also include a customized cake, a unique treat to savor later in the day.

●     Choose perfect dining

If you want to have some quiet time during meals while on a romantic cruise, be sure to pick a ship that accepts reservations for dinner and arranges its tables to create a cozy atmosphere. You may get a sense of the table configurations and types of seating that are available at various ship restaurants by looking through photos of such establishments.

●     Figure out what destination you want to visit

You can focus your search for a cruise line by knowing where you wish to go on your voyage. Some cruise lines, like Viking or Royal Caribbean, specialize in particular regions of the globe. Some people have ships that sail the world. Another effective technique to narrow down your cruise options is to know how long you plan to vacation.

●     Walk on the Promenade Deck

One of my favorite things to do when your husband and you cruise is to walk on the promenade deck or the running track. Even though it’s so basic, the ocean views are breathtaking, and it’s a wonderful way to spend time with someone.

This is a fantastic activity for couples to perform on a cruise, whether you saunter, walk quickly, or jog!

Bottom line

You may start planning the ideal cruise holiday for you and your significant other by keeping these easy suggestions in mind. Don’t forget to take photos while you’re there. Make use of our skilled onboard photographers available best romantic cruises for couples to capture the greatest moments of your honeymoon trip in photographs. You can view them at the viewing station on board the ship and choose any to keep as wonderful memories of your unique cruise since they know just the correct moment and place to take fantastic pictures.

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