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If you are interested in sports and games news in Vietnam, then you can check out several reliable sites. These are Lao Dong Online, YouSport 790, and YeuTheThao.

Can Tho team wins gold medals at National Sports Games in Quang Ninh Province

A Can Tho team won gold medals at the ninth National Sports Games in Quang Ninh Province. The ten-day multi-sport event brings together nearly 10,000 athletes in 43 sports. It is the largest sporting event in Vietnamese history.

The competition was organized by a number of localities. In addition to Hanoi, teams from 10 other neighbouring cities participated.

The competition lasted for ten days and a total of 65 teams took part. Some events began before the opening ceremony. UNESCO will also pay for food costs and accommodations for athletes.

The Sports Administration of Vietnam supports the UNESCO proposal. Le Thi Hoang Yen, deputy director of the Sports Administration, said it would be a good opportunity for the Vietnamese Sports to exchange experiences before the 31st Southeast Asian Games in 2021.

Vietnam’s top athletes are expected to pass the torch. Nguyen Huu Viet is known as the ‘Frog Prince’ for breaststroke excellence. He has won eight gold medals in six SEA Games.

YeuTheThao is a popular online sports media in Vietnam

YeuTheThao is one of the most popular online sports media in Vietnam. This site is a leading source for news and updates about national and international football tournaments. The website also features interactive sports games, videos and live scores. It is also available in mobile versions, including iPhone.

Other notable online sports media in Vietnam include 8Xbet, Thao 247 and YouSport. All of these websites are geared towards the sports enthusiast in the country. Each of these sites provides in-depth coverage of different sports. Depending on your preference, you can use the site for information on football, soccer, tennis, baseball, basketball, and other sports.

Among these sites, YeuTheThao is considered the leader in the sport media industry in Vietnam. It offers extensive coverage of all sports events in the country. Moreover, the website features video content, prediction games, and tickets.

EightX, on the other hand, is a popular online sports news site in Vietnam. EightX features articles in English as well as Vietnamese. There are also discussion forums and live video feed. Users can post predictions, book tickets, and earn prizes.

YouSport 790 is a popular sports news site in Vietnam

YouSport 790 is one of the most popular sports news websites in Vietnam. It is updated twenty-four hours a day and offers detailed coverage of sports events.

It offers articles, videos, predictions, and live scores for all major sports in Vietnam. In addition, it has an active forum where you can discuss sports with other fans and share your opinions. The website is also available on mobile. Moreover, it has an iPhone application.

YouSport provides an extensive calendar of upcoming sporting events. You can also book tickets through the site. Moreover, it also gives you the opportunity to win prizes for your predictions.

The website is available in English and Vietnamese. The site also features a mobile app, so you can follow the latest news and scores on your phone. However, there are other sites that offer video content and prediction games.

8Xbet is another leading sports website in Vietnam. It offers expert commentary for all major football matches. The site also has a huge database of breaking news stories.

Lao Dong Online is a reliable news site in Vietnam

Lao Dong Online is an online news site that offers extensive coverage of a variety of topics. It also features video content and live scores.

You can access this website from your computer or mobile phone. There is also a forum where you can post your comments. Moreover, this site is updated on a regular basis. This is a reliable source of news.

You can also watch foreign television broadcasts. These include CNN, BBC, MSNBC, France Television, Japanese television, and Chinese television. Moreover, this site provides tickets to sports events.

Aside from articles and scores, this site also has a forum where you can discuss and debate on major events. The site is updated throughout the day. If you want to follow the latest news, you can sign up for free.

Apart from the website, there are also two iPhone applications. In these applications, you can play a game called “Kiosk” that can help you win money. Moreover, you can download the apps to your computer.

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