Alevemente: A New Addition to the Páramos Flora in Colombia


The discovery of a new species often brings with it a sense of excitement and intrigue within the scientific community and beyond. In the high-altitude grasslands known as the páramos in Colombia, this excitement is palpable with the identification of ‘Alevemente’, a term now registered in the annals of botany as a unique addition to the rich tapestry of Central America’s biodiversity.

The Páramos of Colombia: A Canvas for ‘Alevemente’

As the World Flora Online expands its extensive registry, ‘Alevemente’ joins the ranks as a new species identified in the páramos of Colombia. It marks a significant milestone in the ongoing documentation and research of the region’s flora, con la Universidad Nacional de Colombia leading the charge in this scientific endeavor.

‘Alevemente’ Earns Its Citation

The citation of ‘Alevemente‘ within the scientific literature, such as the New York Botanical Garden’s recent volume, provides a detailed description of the plant, encompassing measurements of como leaf blades that are cm de largo and a mere mm de ancho. It’s a vital step in cementing the species’ place within the botanic community and among the páramos’ diverse species.

Delving Deeper into ‘Alevemente’

In the páramos, amidst the dense foliage, ‘Alevemente’ presents with leaf blades stretching up to cm long, encasing a calyx that is approximately 1 mm long. La base de la lámina de sus hojas reveals a unique pattern of trichomes and a delicate inflorescence, showcasing the intricate design that nature often reserves for such high-altitude environments.

‘Alevemente’s’ Role in the Ecosystem

Although it stands only algunas decenas de centímetros de alto, ‘Alevemente’ is an integral part of the páramos ecosystem. Found en la parte más fría de Colombia, it’s a symbol of the adaptability of life and the subtle but profound interconnections that sustain these rich environments.

Research and Conservation Efforts Surrounding ‘Alevemente’

Research spearheaded by the Instituto de Biología, con el apoyo de conservationists, aims to understand more about ‘Alevemente’. From studying its stamen structure hasta the distribution of tricomas along the calyx, scientists are unwrapping the secrets de esta especie to inform conservation efforts.

‘Alevemente’: A Reflection of Central America’s Diversity

This new species is not just a Colombian treasure but also a part of Central America’s wider ecological narrative. ‘Alevemente’ underscores the biodiversity that thrives within the páramos from Venezuela hasta Ecuador, including regions in Northern South America and even stretching into areas of Panama.


In the scope of global biodiversity, the discovery and citation of ‘Alevemente’ in scientific volumes like Flora of Panama and the works of authors such as Mario Sousa Sánchez, represent more than just an academic triumph. They highlight the necessity of preserving the páramos, a fragile but critical biome. With each new species, como ‘Alevemente’, we are reminded of the fragile splendor of these ecosystems and the continuous need for thorough research and protective measures to safeguard our natural heritage.

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