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Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate’s Biography

Emory Andrew Tate, 36 also well-known as Andrew Tate, was born on the 1st of December, 1986 in Chicago, Illinois, where was andrew tate born and raise in Luton, England. Andrew also had his own YouTube channel, on which the vlogs of his life were upload as well as podcasts, along alongside his brother, Tristan Tate. He frequently posts his work as well as his cars and lifestyle in his Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Andrew Tate has spent his entire life in England and England is where he start his professional kickboxing journey as well. Tate complet his education at Luxton Sixth Form College. how old is andrew tate is 36 year old. However, he did not have plann to pursue an occupation in it. Then, he dropp out of classes and began to pursue his dream of becoming an amateur kickboxer.

Andrew is also seen himself in spotlight due to his rants, that have been the subject of controversy due to his misrepresentations regarding topics like sexual harassment. This has led to the ban of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Additionally, he is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube etc. Additionally, Andrew Tate has recently been the most Google sought-after person.

Physical Appearance

Andrew Tate is a good-looking stylish and attractive man who has an attractive and charming personality. has a sturdy and attractive body with stunning body measurements as well as a normal physique.

Andrew stands about 6 feet and 4 inches tall and weighs about 85 Kg. He has short, stylish dark brown hair and also is a stunning dark brown hair that is beautiful and captivating eyes.

Andrew Tate Net Worth

American as well as British National Andrew Tate has gaine immense popularity. Tate is a native of America but relocate to London at a young age, and began his kickboxing journey. Tate made his debut as a professional in 2010 and was a winner of numerous titles and matches. Tate has also won an Enfusion Championship in addition to three ISKA Championships. Tate also holds the title of British Cruiserweight from IKF.

has participate in five mix martial arts amateur matches as well as one professional mix martial art battle. Tate is also able to increase his fortune by commenting on YouTube videos. channel. Andrew Tate currently has a net worth of $360 million.

Andrew Tate Career

Tate start his career as an amateur kickboxer. He fought Paul Randle for the vacant International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) English Light Cruiserweight title.

After beating Ollie Green and Mo Karbo, both previous British super cruiserweight champions. On April 25, 2009, he’s been awarde his first belt and title after beating Randle at Derby, England.

After a few victories, he was crown the British cruiserweight title of IKF by KO in the first round against Daniel Hughes in 2009. On the 19th of March in 2011, he took on his first time ever in France to compete in the world championship.

In the 12th round, Tate fell to Benoit by Jean-Luc to win his vacant ISKA World Full-Contact Light Heavyweight Championship. After three months since their initial encounter at Luton, England, Tate defeated Benoit with a KO in the 8th round of the rematch that lasted 12 rounds.


On the 12th of May 2012 at Kortrijk, Belgium, Tate was defeated in the It’s Showtime 85MAX championship battle against Sahak Parparyan based on points. At Enfusion 3: Trial of the Gladiators, Tate competed to be crowned the world’s number. one kickboxer in the 85kg division on December 2nd, 2012. In August of 2011 in Ohrid, Macedonia, he was able to compete after beating Sammy Masa in the second round, and Adnan Omeragi in his first round.

He beat Ritchie Hocking with punches in the first semi-finals round but fell to Franci Graj who defeated Sahak Parparyan to reach the semi-finals with a the first round’s flying knee knockout. Tate won two consecutive ISKA world championship following his defeat of Vincent Petitjean in 2011. On the 9th of March, 2013 Tate was the winner of his ISKA World Full-Contact Light Cruiserweight Championship with a split vote at Chateaurenard, France.

The following year, Tate successfully defended his title by beating Cyril Vetter in the first round. Enfusion 85kg World Champion competition: he, Cingel, ak, and Guseinov took part in a four-man competition for the title. On April 26, 2014 Tate took part against ak in Ilina, the Slovakian city ilina in which the eventual champion of the tournament Miroslav Cingel beat him in a majority decision.

Andrew Tate-Awards and Achievement

Below, we have shared the titles that were won in the course of time by Andrew Tate in course of time.

  • Enfusion World Champion, 90kg in 2014
  • ISKA World Full-Contact LCC, 84.6kg in 2013
  • ISKA World Full-Contact Heavyweight Champion 81.5kg in 2011
  • IKF British Cruiserweight Champion 84.5 kg in 2009
  • Again in 2009 he won the ISKA English Full Contact Light Cruiserweight Champion


How do Andrew Tate make money?

Andrew has several online businesses. Two of them include “Hustler’s University” and “The War Room” From there, Andrew earns lots of cash.

What is the Height of Andrew Tate?

The Height of Andrew Tate is 1.90 M

Is the correct name for Andrew Tate Wife?

He is currently in an affair with Naghel Georgina Manuela. Read more

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