Bassi Falls | The Best Place To Get Away From It All

Bassi Falls

If you’re looking for a place to get away from it all, Bassi Falls is the perfect spot. This small town in North Carolina is home to some of the most stunning natural scenery in the country. Not only that, but Bassi Falls is also a great place to explore if you’re interested in creative activities. With artists and musicians inhabiting every corner of town, there’s always something new to experience. If you’re looking for a place to getaway from it all, Falls is the perfect spot.

What is Bassi Falls?

Bassi Falls is a pristine natural wonder, worth a visit for anyone looking to get away from it all. Nestled in the heart of the Australian wilderness, Falls is home to crystal-clear waters and towering waterfallascade that plunge into a deep blue pool. The falls are accessible by foot or boat, making them easy to reach for all visitors.

The Benefits of Bassi Falls

Bassi Falls is a place where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. This waterfall is located in Uttara Kannada district in Karnataka, India. Bassi Falls is known for its beauty and tranquil atmosphere. It has a total height of 140 feet and a width of 30 feet. The falls are powerful and refreshingly cold.

The main attraction of Falls is the natural pool formed by the falls itself. This pool is so large that it can accommodate up to 1,000 people at one time. There are several steps that lead down to the pool from the waterfall itself. Visitors can enjoy swimming in the cool water or just sit and relax on some of the nearby rocks.

Another great feature of  Falls is its location. It’s situated in a secluded spot surrounded by lush forests and mountains. You’ll never have trouble finding parking near Falls since it’s located right next to an entrance to Uttara Kannada National Park. The park has plenty of other attractions such as rivers, lakes, caves, and wildlife areas.

If you’re looking for an escape from city life but want to be close enough to visit all of Karnataka’s famous tourist spots, Bassi Falls should be your top choice.

How to get to Bassi Falls

The Bassi Falls are located in the Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. The falls are approximately 40 kilometers from the city of Bharatpur and can be reached by road or rail.
The best way to get to the falls is by road. From Bharatpur, head east on National Highway 8 until you reach Bikaner. Continue northeast on National Highway 8 until you reach Jodhpur. From Jodhpur, continue northeast on National Highway 8 until you reach Gangapur. From Gangapur, continue northeast on National Highway 10 until you reach the village of Bassi (just after the village of Banwasa).

From Bassi, it is a 15 kilometer hike to the falls. The trailhead can be found just before the falls and parking is available near the trailhead (or alternatively drivers can park in one of the many nearby villages). Visitors are advised to carry water with them as there is no water source at the falls themselves.

Once hikers have reached the falls, they will find a series of cascades and pools that make for an interesting hike or swim. In addition to exploring the falls, visitors are also recommended to visit Jaswant Thada Wildlife Sanctuary which is just a few kilometers from Bassi Falls and home to a variety of exotic animals including elephants, tigers, leopards, rhinos, and lions.

What to do in Bassi Falls

If you’re looking for a place to get away from it all, Bassi Falls is the perfect spot. This waterfall and valley located in the Eastern Ghats is an utterly beautiful site, and there’s plenty to do in the area. If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway, Falls is the place for you. There are trails that lead to the falls, and you can also explore the surrounding forests and valleys. If you prefer more activity, there are plenty of hikes and treks available that will take you up to the falls themselves. The greenery and serenity of Falls is sure to give your vacation a much-needed boost.


If you’re looking for a place to get away from it all, Bassi Falls is the perfect spot. With its lush forests and aquamarine waters, this nature reserve offers visitors an unparalleled experience of natural beauty. Whether you are seeking peace and tranquility or want to take in some stunning views of nature, Bassi Falls is the perfect destination for anyone interested in getting away from it all.

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