Benefits of Having Two Cats

Benefits of Having 2 Cats

Whether you already have a cat or you’re going to buy one. Consider a piece of advice from me, make that odd number even. Yeah, I know, it may sound daunting to anyone to bring home two cats, but trust me two are always better than one. You might be thinking about how it can be a benefit while every expense will be doubled. You’re gonna have to bring two liters instead of one, doubled cat food, doubled treatment expenses, etc. So, it might seem a hassle to have two cats rather than being an advantage.

But that’s not true. Having two cats is not going to affect your budget. Because cats, unlike dogs, can share their things like litter tray, toys, bed, their owners, etc. and if you’re worried about their meal, then shift your cats from wet to dry food, because dry food is comparatively less expensive than other meals. So don’t worry about the expense of two cats they are not many expensive animals.

Cats are good pets, having one, two or more cats is surely a benefit, how? Read this article till the end.

They’ll keep Each Other Entertain

Having one cat can drive anyone bananas. Cats are the most active and energetic animals, though most of the time they are found sleeping when they are awake, their energy level is at its peak. They are always looking for games. And if they can’t find a perfect partner to play with them, then it’s gonna result in making their owners nuts. They’ll jump over furniture and counters, they’ll scratch and tear sofas, they’re going to cuddle in your bed at night and you’re not gonna have a time of peace.

But having two cats or kitten is surely going to give you peace of mind. They’ll keep each other entertain, they’ll create games of their own, and they’ll play with each other for the rest of the day.

It Reduces Depression and Anxiety in Cats

It is often said that cats are loner animals, they don’t enjoy the companies of others and they can live alone for the rest of their lives. This is absolutely a wrong concept. No creature on earth can live without a partner, it’s natural. And when it comes to cats, they are not loners, they are the most social animals. They need humans and they need other cats to keep themselves lively.

You might have noticed that cats who have lived their lives alone without any other cat often develop anxiety and depression in their last years. They stop eating, they stop playing, and they even stop loving their owners. The reason is they have spent their entire life without any companion. So having two cats can prevent a cat from going into depression. They’ll have each other by their sides and they’ll feel more secure and protected.

Their Grooming will not be an Issue Anymore

Want that squeaky clean cat? Then go get another cat. They’ll keep themselves groomed. Though even single cats have the habit to groom themselves, it’s often difficult for them to clean some of those difficult-to-reach parts. But having two cats will work perfectly, they’ll often groom each other’s complex parts. And they are likely to develop a grooming routine together after mealtimes. So you won’t have to take them to the grooming centers every month.

Benefits of Having 2 Cats

You Would Become a Savior of Two

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of pets that I see is, you’ll become a savior of not just one but two little desperate lives. Apart from being a savior, you would also leave a chance for other kittens to make their space in shelter and eventually giving them a chance to get adopted. There are lots of cats that have nowhere to go just because cat shelters are full. Moreover, you are also saving those kittens from living their entire lives in the shelter.

Prevents Cat Obesity

The worst nightmare of cat owners is that their cat becoming obese and unable to even move a muscle. The major reason for cat’s obesity is boredom and no playtime after the meal. Most of the cats living alone often develop a routine of sleeping just after having their meal, and this eventually leads to obesity and laziness.

Having two cats will be perfect to prevent the cats from becoming obese. They’ll keep each other active and mentally stimulated. They won’t develop laziness and boredom.


Having two cats is always better and beneficial not only for you but also for your cats. Your cats are more likely to have a longer lifespan when they are with their partners. So always think twice before bringing a cat in your home and give priority to adopting two cats at a time.


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