Best Call Center Software 2022: Here’s All You Need to Know

Call Center Software


Do you need call center software for your company? Even in today’s virtual age, people commonly prefer phone help when contacting customer care. In fact, many top call center software includes this functionality as an indispensable tool. Implementing call center software for your company can help you simplify customer assistance and deliver a better customer experience— the immediacy and familiarity of speaking on the phone foster trust between the consumer and the agent.

To provide excellent phone support to your consumers, you’ll need smart and powerful software that allows your service staff to do their finest work. The best software directs calls to the proper agents, gives additional details, and assists management in their omni-channel strategies.

So, whether you have a staff of 10 or a few hundred, selecting the appropriate tools to develop your call center is crucial. This blog will provide a rundown of the best telecommunication features and the top software solutions accessible this year.

Top Call Center Software Features 

Your unique requirements determine the appropriate call center software for your team. Every call center telephony solutions or features have advantages and disadvantages depending on how you want to use it.

Examine the features listed below and choose the best tool for your business needs. 

  • Omnichannel 

If you’re searching for call center software, you’re probably also assisting your clients through various means of communication, like email, live chat, or social media. Analyzing how effectively your new call center software will interface with your other channels is critical. A consistent customer service experience lowers customer friction and boosts front-line productivity. 

Incoming calls should generally be recorded on your help desk, allowing agents to follow up through email. This feature allows everyone to view the context of past customer engagements, irrespective of the channel. Hence, you’ll provide a consistent consumer experience regardless of the channel via where the engagement begins.

  • Cloud-Based Calling 

Call centers that use cloud networks need a cloud-based calling solution to connect with their online databases. Cloud-based calling, often known as free VoIP, is a type of call center telephony solutions that uses the internet rather than a phone connection.

A third-party supplier normally provides this service, and it is often more cost-effective to establish and operate than traditional landlines. Since free VoIP does not require on-premise gear, it eliminates the regular maintenance and infrastructure costs associated with traditional phone lines.

  • Interactive Voice Response 

With the Interactive Voice Response option, customers can chat with an automated system before they reach your agents. While interacting with a machine, your clients can utilize this option to address some of their concerns or submit basic information that will help your agents assist them better.

The IVR function is great for hosted call center solutions because it assists your agents in managing call volume and automatically collecting essential information from the consumer. When customers reach your agents, all the relevant information is available, eliminating the need for them to repeat themselves. 

  • Escalation Management 

The appropriate call center software will help you handle the escalation procedure for priority customer support inquiries. When a customer contacts with a problem, they must be able to go to the appropriate party at each stage of the procedure. Your call center software should also enable your agents to de-escalate situations by offering coupons, discounts, or refunds via the software, particularly within that single conversation.

Best Call Center Software Available 

Below are some of the best call center software available.


Call Center Software 

Your one-stop shop for all call center telephony needs 

First on our list is Aavaz. They serve customers ranging from small and medium to large enterprises. They dubbed their product Omni-vertical since it may be utilized by any business that requires a call center. Aavaz integrates your call center telephony solutions, whether inbound, outbound, advertising and promotion or CRM software is required.

Aavaz is a prominent cloud-based call center software that simplifies client communication. The user-friendly interface enables your telemarketing, telesales, and tele-support agents to collaborate effectively and efficiently.

It offers VoIP options such as Plivo, Twilio, Skype, and Google Voice and a virtual FreePBX system that can substitute the whole office’s extensions, IVR, call routing, and skill handling.


Call Center Software

Businesses utilize Zendesk’s customer service software to provide the best client experience. The software is resilient, versatile, and scalable to fit the demands of any organization. Zendesk’s customer care platform features an integrated call center; calls can be processed in the same workspace as the other channels.

This cloud-based support platform gives complete client history information, helping agents promptly resolve complex and urgent concerns. The API connection can be integrated with Zendesk’s support desk if your company already has a call center.



Nextiva is a simple call center software for connecting with more callers in less time and with fewer agents. IVR, automated call routing, and call queuing are available with Nextiva. You can improve agent call flow, use virtual agents to automate conversations, and improve the caller experience.



CloudTalk is a cutting-edge call center software that offers users a variety of unique options. Its custom queue functionality enables support teams to direct where inbound calls are routed. Incoming calls are redirected to agents based on skills, eliminating the need to transfer calls. 

Personalized voicemails are another programmable option provided by CloudTalk. Customers can leave voicemails for agents if they are unavailable. Customers can leave a message and wait for your staff to contact them with a suitable resolution.



Aircall is ideal for SMBs that utilize the phone regularly for either sales or support. Aircall uses data from your helpdesk, CRM, and live chat software to predict client needs on every call, minimizing wait times and boosting agent productivity. Many organizations rely on Aircall’s leading call center features, such as SMS, sophisticated call routing, IVR, analytics, and others, to enhance client interactions.



Do you need help deciding the appropriate features and call center software for your company?


Aavaz FreePBX comes highly recommended. Avaaz offers customers customized call center telephony solutions that fit their present and future requirements at an incomparable price. For all of your telecommunication needs, contact FreePBX Aavaz immediately.

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