Best Squat Racks: Top Fitness Picks for Your Home Gym

squat rack

Anyone who has a home gym will tell you that it’s not functional without a squat rack. This equipment allows you to do different muscle-building exercises with or without weights. Since manufacturers recognized the importance of squat racks, even the smallest spaces can have one. Let’s go over the best squat racks as top fitness picks for your home gym.

Squat rack with a bench and weight set

Those starting with exercising or already fitness veterans will appreciate a squat rack with a bench and a weight set, especially when on a budget. Considering this is something between a squat rack and a power rack, you can do many other exercises to tone your muscles, like bench presses.

The construction is stable and doesn’t require bolting in the majority of models, but you can pay extra for pin safeties if you want them. The price can go up to $2000, but it pays off since you will have more options for exercise and strength training.

Wall-mounted squat rack

Small spaces or rooms not generally intended for fitness, like a garage or a basement, are a great fit for wall-mounted squat racks. These are usually around $500, mostly under, making them not only practical but also affordable for most. Since the price is not high for this type of equipment, you should go for better materials for increased safety and durability.

You will be happy to know that some models are foldable. This lets you mount them in the living room or any other part of your home. It’s especially good news for a small apartment that not only lacks spaciousness, but also a garage or a basement.

Customizable power cage

A customizable power cage is versatile and stable equipment that comes with band pegs and plate storage so you can do weight training as well. The pull-up bars allow you to do chin-ups, while you can add a bench to cover other types of exercises and cover the whole body.

Of course, you will have to pay extra for those additions, but a great thing about customizable equipment is that you can upgrade it whenever you want. Since you need to bolt the construction to the ground, a power cage should be kept somewhere you feel comfortable drilling the floors. A price starts at around $600, but it can go higher as you upgrade it.

Squat stand with weight set

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option that will give you a decent exercise range, go for a squat stand with a weight set. This is a simple construction consisting of one steel frame that gives you a spot-to-hand weight bar and additional weight plates. It also comes with a pull-up rod that can withstand up to 800 pounds of weight in the best models.

You can get one of these frames for around $300 but the quality may be questionable. It’s best to stick to the complete squat stand that comes with a weight set and is made from stronger materials. You may pay more, but at least you will be safe and have a lasting piece of exercise equipment. Moreover, some pricier models allow you to add more pieces, turning it into a power cage in the end.

Foldable squat rack

During the COVID-19 lockdown, a lot of people started exercising at home which increased the demand for affordable and practical equipment. A foldable squat rack became popular during that time since you could easily pack it up after exercise and store it away.

But being foldable doesn’t mean you can’t add attachments and most of the models are highly customizable. The con here is that you will have to spend extra money on those attachments if you want to upgrade to a more complex exercise routine. However, you won’t regret buying this equipment since it can withstand up to 2,000 pounds, meaning you can add a significant amount of attachments. The price goes up to $1000 for the core system, but it can cost more if you decide to upgrade it to its full potential.

Cage system power rack

If you do not want to spare space and resources, buying a cage system power rack is the best fit. It comes with a flat incline-decline bench and attachments for leg developer and preacher curl. Look for models with fiberglass-reinforced pulleys for safer and more durable use.

A cage system power rack has an adjustable pull-up bar so those who are short or have low ceilings can install it in their homes. Weight stacks allow you to have various rods and plates to cover a multitude of exercises and needs, so it’s ideal for the whole family. While it will cost you a few $1000, you will gain a complete fitness tool and will hardly need anything else.

In conclusion

Which one among these top fitness picks for your home gym are the best squat rack for you depends on your needs and budget. How much room you have to install one also plays a crucial part in creating a functional fitness plan. Nonetheless, you have various options to choose from, since even the most modest ones will give you the quality exercise you desire.

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