Common Types of CCTV Cameras to Install Around Your House

Types of CCTV Cameras

Homes are the biggest asset of one’s life. They offer peace, calmness, and feelings of gratitude. However, these feelings can vanish in a few seconds if someone breaks into your home. Not everyone can hire a watchman to ensure the security of their place, but installing CCTV cameras is what everyone can do.

Although CCTV cameras have become a compulsion for commercial and public places, getting one at your home can boost your sense of security. The cameras are often enough to scare away burglars. Even if they are not scared, you can learn about the incident on time and inform authorities to catch them red-handed. However, all of this depends on the type of CCTV cameras you install at your place.

Keep scrolling down into the details of this article to explore and learn about the common types of CCTV cameras you can install around your house and get rid of your security worries.

Top 6 Types of CCTV Cameras to Install at Your House

Life has become quite fast-paced and moving for the people of the twenty-first century. Most people spend their whole day or even months out on work, which often keeps them worried about the security of their homes. CCTV cameras provide them the satisfaction and assurity that they can immediately notice any issue and contact authorities. However, choosing the right camera is essential to tackle the matter efficiently.

Here are the major types of CCTV cameras you can install at your house to amplify security and live peacefully.

  1. Dome Camera

The Dome camera is the very first type of CCTV camera you can install around your house. The camera is placed in a dome-shaped structure or cover, which gives it its name. Due to the dome structure, identifying the focus or direction of the camera is difficult for the onlookers. It covers every angle through 360-degree rotation and is easy to install. Many people contact smart home system Dubai based services and get dome camera installation to capture the footage efficiently.

  1. Thermal /Infrared Cameras

Thermal or infrared cameras are the next type of CCTV camera you can install in your home. These cameras capture the footage in thermal images and work efficiently in dark spaces too. Such cameras can be installed in rooms to improve security while not compromising the privacy of the inhabitants. The cameras are repellent to fog, dust, and smoke, so criminals cannot disable them to avoid being captured. The camera can also capture colored images in light, so you can adjust the settings.

  1. Bullet Camera

The bullet camera is the most common and widely used type of CCTV camera. The camera is placed in a structure or cover of bullet design, due to which it is visible from afar. The cameras are perfect for long distances and are heat resistant. The casing of the camera is also quite sturdy and weather-resistant, which means you can easily install it in the outer space of your home. You can even install it on your terrace to ensure maximum security and live peacefully.

  1. Wireless CCTV Cameras

Wireless CCTV cameras are now the most dominant type of camera you can install at your place. The camera does not have any wires attached to it, which simplifies the installation and limits the maintenance need of the device too. The footage of the cameras is stored on the internet so you can access and archive it smoothly. The camera can be installed at any location within minutes and offer high-quality footage, so you must give it a try.

  1. PTZ Camera

PTZ pan-tilt camera is one of the best types of CCTV cameras you can install at your home. The camera offers multiple control settings, and you can easily tilt it to the left, right, zoom in, or out. It captures the footage in high definition, covering every nook and corner. The camera can also provide support in facial recognition due to high resolution and 360 degrees capturing. You can install it on your main gate and monitor the footage to catch the danger well before time.

  1. Network Cameras

Network cameras, often termed IP cameras, are the last type of CCTV cameras you can get installed around your home. These cameras capture footage and share it on the internet. It means the footage is available on the internet, and you can easily access it from anywhere in the world. The camera is easily installable and does not require high maintenance. It is the perfect pick if you are going on vacation. You can contact smart home system Dubai based services and get proper installation from professionals to view live footage and not worry about your home.

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Have you picked a suitable CCTV camera?

If you are unsure which CCTV camera is suitable for your place, you do not need to worry. Get in touch with Tarkeeb UAE a professional installation services to consult about the best camera, and learn about other security options to get installed at your home.


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