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Are you unsure whether to choose private or NHS healthcare? Freedom Health Insurance is passionate about patient autonomy and seeks to educate the public on the distinctions between public and private healthcare.

The National Health Service (NHS), which was established in 1948, has expanded to rank among the greatest publicly funded healthcare systems in the world, and the quality of its services is acknowledged on a global scale. However, many people have turned to private medical care, frequently utilizing private health insurance to cover their costs, due to the mounting burden on the NHS and the issues it has faced recently. As a result, the private healthcare sector in the UK grew to more than £6.3 billion in 2017, according to the research firm Laing Buisson.

NHS vs Private Healthcare Waiting Times

You typically make an appointment with your NHS GP if you need medical advice or treatment for a medical condition. This could take a few weeks or up to 18 weeks, depending on how many people are registered with the same GP practice.

Although the government set goals to reduce wait times, wait times vary by specialty and region, and the system still has trouble keeping up, especially for common treatments like hip replacements. However, the NHS typically offers prompt and top-notch interventions for life-threatening conditions like cardiac bypass surgeries.

You may now access a virtual general practitioner with the majority of private health insurance policies, and some even allow you the choice to select a private GP. This implies that you might receive treatment more quickly and be seen more quickly, enabling you to receive the medical care you require when you need it.

Comfort in the NHS vs Private Healthcare

The quality of medical treatment itself should be the same for both NHS and private healthcare, yet private healthcare facilities can be more comfortable and modern. While receiving private care, you’ll probably have hotel-style amenities including private accommodations, ensuite bathrooms, TVs, and a wider variety of cuisine. Unrestricted visiting hours are typically advantageous, and you have a higher chance of seeing the same specialist.


In contrast, if you use the NHS, you can find yourself in a mixed ward with a shared restroom, irregular visiting hours, and a consultant’s assistant instead of the latter.

NHS vs Private healthcare: ​Choice of Hospital, Treatment, and Location

The benefit of private healthcare is that you can receive treatment at a hospital and at a time and place that work for you. After your GP requests a referral, you are often seen in private care within a week or so, and tests are scheduled within a few days.

On the other side, the NHS offers few options and frequently has long waiting lists for specialist appointments. Therefore, if flexibility is important to you and you’re considering whether to choose NHS or private healthcare treatment, you should think about the normal waiting periods and options of hospitals that will best suit your needs.

NHS vs Private Treatment and Drugs

The NHS might not cover the cost of some specialty medications. To get those medications, patients might need to refer to private healthcare.

The treatments you can get with private health insurance, however, depend on the amount of protection and benefits you select. Some complicated procedures might not even be offered privately; they must be performed on the NHS.

The Cost of Private Healthcare vs the NHS

In the UK, the NHS offers free medical care to millions of people.

You have two options for receiving private healthcare: as a self-pay patient who pays for his treatment, or by using a private medical insurance plan that covers your private care. Purchasing a health insurance plan may be less expensive than you expect, whereas the first alternative can become very expensive very quickly.

You can customize your plan by selecting only the health features you require from medical insurance providers, like Freedom Health Insurance. Then, you can lower your expenses even further by selecting various excess levels, paying annually, or even selecting a 2-year fixed premium (offered by Freedom Health Insurance), which ensures that your price won’t increase in the first year of renewal even if you file a claim. Applying terms and conditions Learn more about the calculation of your premium.

Private Patients

We provide several dental services. These are covered in further detail in Treatments and Fees.

Den plan

We accept new and transferring Den plan patients because we are a Den plan-approved office.

NHS Patients

At Portlet hen Dental Care, you are eligible for complimentary dental care if you:

under the age of 18

age 18 and enrolled full-time in school

are nursing a baby or are pregnant.

You will be responsible for the majority of the cost of your NHS dental treatment up to a maximum of £384 per course of treatment if you are not eligible for free treatment through the NHS (or for financial assistance with the cost of treatment).


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