Electronic City Vs. Whitefield Which Is the Best Area To Live

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Two of the most exciting places in Bangalore are Whitefield and Electronic City. Most people who work in IT can be found in Apartments near electronic city and Whitefield. And when it comes to investing in property or buying residences in Bangalore, these two areas are at the top of the list because they have so many options and conveniences.

If you want to buy property, it can be hard to decide between these two cities. Here are some things to think about that might help you decide.

Capital & Rental Values

Electronic City could be a good place to invest because it has low prices for buying and renting homes, good connections, and a well-developed social infrastructure. In the last five years, the average price of a home in Electronic City has gone up by about 8% and is now around Rs 5,100 per square foot.

With an average price of Rs 7,100 per square foot, Whitefield’s average “asks” have gone up by about 5% year over year. Due to the low prices of properties in nearby areas like Varthur and ITPL, a lot of the housing demand in the region often goes there instead. This makes it harder for prices to go up in the future.

“Whitefield and Electronic City are two of Bangalore’s most popular places to buy homes. Electronic City has a bigger chance of growing than Whitefield does. High-end technology parks with Grade A office spaces and malls are quickly filled up in the former. Ramji Subramaniam, Managing Director of Sowparnika Projects and Infrastructure, says, “Residential demand is also strong, which is good for the area as a whole.”

About Rs 20,000 is what a 2 BHK unit in Whitefield costs to rent each month on average. The area is one of the most popular places for immigrants to live in the city. For a similar unit, rent in Electronic City is around Rs 15,000 per month, which isn’t too expensive. In Electronic City, 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments make up about 95% of the housing stock. In Whitefield, 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments make up about 90% of the housing stock.



Two four-lane roads, Whitefield Road through Mahadevapura and Varthur Road through Marathahalli, connect the area to important parts of Bangalore. But Varthur Road has more traffic jams than Whitefield Road, so it takes almost twice as long to get somewhere on this stretch.

The Whitefield Railway Station is only three kilometers away, and the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) is an hour away by car. In the second phase of the Namma Metro project, Whitefield will be added to the network. This will be one of the biggest things that will drive up property prices in the coming years.

Electronic City

Electronic City is in a busy commercial area on Hosur Road, which is also the Bangalore-Chennai Highway. Thanks to the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) buses, it is easy to get to most of the city. Wide roads like NICE Road and Bannerghatta Road, as well as a six-lane motorway, connect to the area, making it even easier to get to. The area also has its metro station which makes it even easier to get around. Transportation choices add to the fact that property prices are already going up and that demand is keeping up.

Roads & Other Amenities

Whitefield has always been known for having a lot of traffic. As part of the Peripheral Ring Road project, however, a new underpass will be built on the Whitefield-Hoskote Road. This should solve the problem of the Apartments in Gunjur in a very transparent area. Also, a new road that will soon connect Whitefield Main Road to ITPL Main Road will help ease traffic.

Neeladri Road is a source of trouble near Electronic City because it isn’t taken care of. But the area from Bannerghatta Road to Neeladri Road is being improved by the government. Also, the Whitefield and Electronic City corridors are running out of groundwater, which is becoming a crisis. As it gets harder to get enough water from private tankers, borewells are being used to bring water into the area. These things stop people from buying or selling homes in these micro markets.

Final Words

Because each of these real estate hotspots has its own sets of benefits and cons, there is no actual winner when comparing Electronic City and Whitefield. Both of these real estate hotspots are equally competitive. In the end, the only way to make a decision is to take into account a number of different subjective elements, such as demography, individual aspirations, and necessities.


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