Material Selection Guidelines for Custom Donut Boxes

Custom Cardboard Donut Boxes

Lighten up your tempting donut business with custom donut boxes. These boxes are printed with PMS and CMYK color combos. Unbeatable in quality due to the durable material used.

Cardboard material boxes

All product boxes are primarily made of cardboard boxes. The main reason for using cardboard instead of kraft is that it is less expensive. And ideally long-lasting to provide the product with both inner and outer protection. It has excellent absorption properties. As a result, it absorbs extra moisture and protects the box from environmental factors such as UV rays, air, and water. It is also made of food-grade material, which allows the food to interact directly with the box. To draw attention to your malicious doughnuts

For added protection, layer the custom cardboard donut box with C2 Lamination. Gloss lamination is primarily requested for food boxes. It is highly water resistant and keeps the box from becoming wet. It also increases the vibrancy of the design or printing shades on the custom box surface. And provides a gleam that draws customers in from a distance.

Rigid material boxes

We are not recommending that you use rigid boxes for daily donut box sales. Because rigid boxes are expensive. They are used mainly in high-end items such as watches and jewelry. On the other hand, Premium donut boxes are in high demand these days. People request these boxes to give donuts to their loved ones. Or for party invitations. If you want such boxes, we can customize them for you.

Kraft material boxes

Kraft boxes are also reasonably priced and come in bleached (white) and unbleached (natural brown) forms. The advantage is that these boxes do not need to be laminated. We can, however, laminate these boxes if you wish. Some manufacturers prefer brown kraft boxes for donut packaging. Keep one thing in mind if you want to use brown kraft boxes. For human health safety, always use food-grade lamination on it.

Choose A Unique Box Style for Donuts Packaging

Isn’t it tedious to pack donuts in tuck-front boxes all the time? Why not try a different box style from our box styling format? Also, don’t be concerned about box customization. We’ll take care of it. You can use a custom size & style you like. Use our add-on feature for a one-of-a-kind look.

  • Custom cardboard or kraft inserts (to prevent smudging and keep donuts separate)
  • Grease-free custom butter wraps (to prevent greasy surfaces and absorb extra moisture)
  • Sparkling Stamp foiling options: (golden, grey, copper, red, blue, rose gold, or any shade)
  • Colorful ribbons and glittery ropes: (to increase the custom box’s beauty)
  • Handles (to make custom donut box easy to carry)
  • Die-cut window (for an inner glance without opening the custom donut boxes)

Eco-Friendly Packaging for Custom Donut Boxes

Every human being on the planet bears responsibility for environmental protection. We own that and are already contributing to environmental protection by using eco-friendly materials for custom packaging. If you agree, join the initiative and eliminate all non-environmentally friendly materials from your life.


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