The Gwadar Development Authority of Pakistan

Gwadar Development Authority
The Gwadar Development Authority of Pakistan, also known as GDA, is a regulatory body responsible. for the provision of municipal services. in the rapidly growing port city of Gwadar in Baluchistan. It is a government and public sector corporation. that oversees the development of infrastructure. and other facilities in the coastal region. that has become the focal point of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in Pakistan.
Now with the eyes of national. and international investors on Gwadar. the role of GDA in the development and maintenance of the coastal zone is more important than ever.

About Gwadar Development Authority

Here is everything you need to know about Gwadar Development Authority in Pakistan.
Gwadar considered an important part of Pakistan’s future. It has called the next largest commercial hub in South Asia. with high-tech industries wind power. and wind power projects free trade zones, and Pakistan’s largest international airport. The coastal area is also home to the world’s largest deep-water port, which leased from China.
When the development work on the Gwadar port started in March 2002, the area was about to grow on a massive scale. the Gwadar Development Authority established in October 2003 to plan. and regulate the development of the city. Gwadar Town Planning Regulations were also adopted soon after the establishment of GDA. The Gwadar Master Plan was also presented. at that time it initially suggested land use.

Internal road network

The development of the internal road network land zoning. and the future vision of the port city were also finalized. after the establishment of the Gwadar Development Authority. Apart from regulating land in Gwadar. the GDA is also responsible for implementing the Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan, managing public. and private schemes built in the city. The Chief Minister serves as the Chairman of the Governing Body of Baluchistan GDA. He supervises the Director General. who supervises the Directors of the Authority, including. the Director of Urban Planning, the Director of Environment. the Director of Administration, the Director of Finance. and Accounts, the Director of Property and Land Administration. the Secretary to the Board of Directors, Chief Engineer and Controller Bldg.

Fast-growing port city

It is also important to mention. that even though GDA A government body. it does not make policy but monitors. and manages development in the coastal city of Gwadar. This is because all the land in the fast-growing port city is privately owned. The role of Gwadar Development Authority. is that of an administrator. Works of Gwadar Development Authority. Finally companies that establish them selves in the Gwadar. Free Trade Zone will enjoy tax benefits for the next 23 years. For the latest updates on Gwadar Development Authority. stay tuned to Zameen Blog. your best source for all construction and real estate related matters in Pakistan.

These are some of the main functions of GDA in Gwadar.

  • GDA monitors the completion of all public. and private schemes in Gwadar, ensuring that they are on time.
  • The regulatory body issues a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to the public. and private investors for their respective projects after verifying the required documents.
  • GDA is responsible for provision of public facilities in Gwadar Master Plan.
  • It administers the Free Economic Zone located in Gwadar.
  • The authority monitors the supply of subsidized electricity to Gwadar.
The organization oversees and manages five highways. that provide access to all Central Asian countries as well as China. Afghanistan and India. It guarantees sustainable and environmentally friendly development in the coastal region. Do you want to know more about Gwadar Development Authority rules and regulations?

Development in Gwadar

Development work is progressing rapidly in Gwadar. under the supervision of Gwadar Development Authority. Home to some of Pakistan’s oldest beaches. the port city in Baluchistan is on its way to becoming one of the world’s largest commercial hubs. Due to its strategic location. the completion of the deep-water port will open trade routes between China. and Central Asia. This makes Gwadar one of the most important parts of CPEC. The Gwadar Free Trade Zone located just 7 km from. the port of Gwadar has also attracted significant investment to the region. It designed along the lines of China’s Special Economic Zones. The city’s geographical location. as well as tax exemptions granted to investors. have strengthened Gwadar’s position as a major player in Sino-Pakistan trade relations. 

Commercial and industrial zones

In October 2019, the Government of Baluchistan also unveiled. the Gwadar 2050 Master Plan. The plan which is available on the official GDA website. demarcates various residential, commercial and industrial zones in the city. It also focuses on transforming Gwadar into a smart green city. with designated areas for green spaces, medical, educational, sports and recreational facilities. Gwadar’s real estate market is also booming. Many leading builders and developers have set up their house plans in the port city. Almost all these GDA-approved projects offer buyers a spectacular view. of the Arabian Sea with easy access to beautiful beaches. If so GDA Town Planning Regulations 2020. and GDA Building Regulations 2020 are available for download. on the official website of Gwadar Development Authority.

Investment opportunity

Those looking to buy property in Gwadar should be aware. that the area is still developing and infrastructure is being installed. Some parts of the port city such as Marine Drive. are nearing completion, while others are still in the early stages. This makes buying a plot in Gwadar an ideal long-term investment opportunity. Some of the major projects sanctioned by GDA include Canadian City Gwadar. Naval Anchorage Gwadar, and Gwadar Golf City. Meanwhile, many housing societies in Gwadar are waiting for NOC to issued. This concludes our guide on Gwadar Development Authority. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to share or post them on Zameen forum.
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