How Does Page Speed Affect SEO?

How Does Page Speed Affect SEO?

Speed is pretty crucial for a website.  It is quite significant that Google has made it an important ranking factor. With the passage of time, Google took more action to enhance the loading speed of websites by offering a set of tools for webmasters and developers. These tools include Google Lighthouse. However, how does the page speed affect SEO? How do these tools work? Here is a detailed guide to whether page speed affects SEO or not.

The straight answer is “yes”. Page speed does impact SEO. For search engines, Google page speed is considered a ranking factor. A longer answer can be a little complex because of the understanding of what goes into page speed. An SEO agency Manchester can help increase page speed and overall user experience. Here is how page speed affects SEO:

What is Page Speed?

Page speed can be called a speed at which a website or a page loads. Different pages may have different speeds because of factors found on that particular page. For instance, these factors may include plugins, images or scripts. Having good page speed is a significant factor to maintain and be familiar with. In case a page on your site has a great loading time, this enhances the risk of users leaving your website. It can give your competitor a chance to steal your customers when your pages never load quickly. Users prefer quick and fast responses to what is available on your site. With optimized page speed it is significant to be conscious of your site.

What is Site Speed?

Site speed is the speed which a website loads as someone navigates through it. In Analytics, Google’s site speed determines how swiftly users can see content and interact on your website. As compared to page speed, website speed is the overall speed of the site. On the other hand, page speed is the speed of a specific page located within the site. It is crucial for your site to work effectively and quickly for users as far as site speed and SEO are concerned.

How Does Page Speed Affect SEO?

As mentioned before, page speed does affect SEO. Page speed is an important component for user experience. Google has determined to reward sites with quicker load times with better positioning on search engines. SEO and site speed can go hand in hand at times, depending on how quickly the page loads. People want their questions to be answered as soon as possible. Going to different search engine bars are the first places they would go to get answers to their questions.

Studies have determined that users care more about how quickly the results show up for them. Because quicker pages are more popular than slower pages, it can give search engines another ranking factor to rank different sources off in SERP. But, the intent of search queries is a stronger signal. Due to this, slower pages can still rank higher in case they have relevant and great content.

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