How Much Does a Tour Package To India Cost?

Tour Package To India

For a trip to India, the average daily spending per person is Rs. 3000-4000. This includes the travel expenses, food, accommodation, and sightseeing activities, primarily. However, remember that this figure can vary depending on your individual preferences in terms of travel style, luxury, and activities you choose. These are the key factors that determine how much a tour package to India may cost. Also, the expenses in different destinations across the country might vary a little from the overall average price. However, they usually stick close to the average range. To get a better idea of a budget breakdown, carry on reading.

How Much to Budget for a Trip to India?

If you are a solo budget traveller, you can plan to spend around Rs. 1500 per day for the trip which will cover budget hotels and hostels, affordable meals, local transportation, etc. People on a mid-range budget can plan for spending around Rs. 3500 per day which will cover common hotels, restaurants, and different popular attractions.

On the other hand, luxury travellers can budget Rs. 9000-10,000 a day. This would cover expensive hotels and restaurants, and private tour options. Well, these figures are just to give you an estimation. To get a budget-friendly custom package, contact a trusted trip maker in India today. 

Factors Influencing The Cost Of A Tour Package To India

The cost of India tour packages can vary depending on various factors. Here let us check out a few key aspects contributing to the overall pricing of a tour package to India:

The Duration: The length or duration of your tour plays a crucial role in the cost determination. Longer tours tend to have more expenses related to accommodation, transportation, as well as sightseeing.

Accommodation Options: The type and quality of accommodation you select during your trip will likely impact the overall cost of your tour package. You can choose from budget-friendly hotels and guesthouses while you have more expensive alternatives such as luxury resorts and heritage hotels in India. There are various options available to choose from to suit every budget.

Transport You Choose: The mode of transportation you choose, be it flights, trains, or private vehicles, is likely to affect the price of a tour package to India. While some packages might include domestic flights, others may depend on train or bus travel giving you a more authentic experience. The price of the package will vary accordingly. 

What is Included: Another price-determining factor is the number of activities you want to experience and attractions you want to explore in the package. These things greatly influence the cost. When you choose a package with more comprehensive itineraries along with additional experiences it is likely to be priced higher.

Tips For Finding Affordable India Tour Packages

Choose Off-Season Travel: When you consider travelling during the off-season, you get lower prices on things like accommodation and transport options like flights.

Get Group Discounts: If you decide on travelling with a group, this often comes with a chance to get discounted rates for options like accommodation, transport, as well as activities.

Research and Compare: Take your time in researching multiple tour operators. Then compare their offered prices and inclusions in different India tour packages. This is how you can find the best deal.

Be Flexible: When you are flexible with your travel dates and itinerary, this often helps you get better-priced packages.


India has endless wonders to offer. When you choose a super organized custom package, you can explore it in a fulfilling way on your budget. Choosing the right tour package comes with an incredible opportunity to explore the diverse culture, rich history, and of course natural beauty of this country. 

When you clearly understand the factors determining the cost of the package, it will be easier for you to plan a memorable journey in a budget-friendly way. 

In this regard, it is better to talk to a trusted and reputed trip organizer in India such as India Tours Cabs. They will help you have a better budget outline. They will customise your trip considering your preferences and allotted budget.

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