How much does LED tennis court lighting cost?

LED tennis

LED tennis court lighting is becoming more and more popular, and more courts are seeking to install them than ever before.

The benefits of LED lighting are well known, and with the advent of affordable LED fixtures, it is becoming a more common choice for courts both large and small. But what does it cost to install LED tennis court lighting? How much do you need to budget for this upgrade?

Purchasing LED tennis court lights

LED tennis court lighting can range in cost from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, depending on the size and complexity of the court and the number of lights that need to be purchased. The cost also depends on the type of LED lighting fixture chosen, as some fixtures are designed for outdoor use, while others are designed specifically for indoor courts. Generally speaking, an LED lighting system for a standard-sized outdoor court should cost anywhere between $2,500 and $5,000. For an indoor court, it could be closer to $3,000-$6,000.

In addition to the upfront costs associated with purchasing LED lights and fixtures, there will also be installation costs associated with professional labour or licensed electricians.

Initial installation costs

The initial installation costs of exterior LED lighting can be high, depending on the size and complexity of the project. This is because LED fixtures are more expensive than traditional lighting, as well as the need for professional installation and wiring. These costs may include labour for mounting the new fixtures, running electrical wiring and connecting them to a power source, and then testing to make sure that everything is working correctly. It’s also important to note that if you plan on installing a dimming system with your LED lights, this will add additional cost to your project. Furthermore, it’s possible that you may need to hire an electrician certified in low-voltage systems to comply with local codes and regulations.

In addition to these upfront costs, there are ongoing maintenance costs associated with using LED lighting. To keep your lights performing at their peak efficiency, you’ll need to periodically inspect them for any signs of wear or damage.

Comparing LED & standard tennis court lighting

LED lighting has become the preferred choice for tennis court lighting due to its improved energy efficiency and cost savings. LED lights are up to 75% more energy efficient than traditional incandescent or metal-halide lights, making them less expensive to operate in the long run. They also generate lower heat, which can make playing conditions more comfortable for players and reduce overall energy usage. LED lights also tend to last longer than conventional fixtures, meaning that there is less need for frequent bulb replacement.

When compared to standard tennis court lighting solutions, outdoor tennis court LED lighting offers a number of advantages that go beyond just cost savings. For example, LED lights are able to achieve much higher light levels with significantly less wattage than other types of fixtures. This means that they can provide superior visibility and illumination in any size court—whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Furthermore, since LEDs don’t require special ballasts or starters like metal-halide lamps do, they are much easier to install and maintain; this reduces installation costs and increases the life expectancy of the fixtures, and it ensures their performance will meet your specific requirements.

Electric bill costs

One of the significant benefits of LED tennis court lighting is that they provide a substantial reduction in electric bills. This is because LED lights are more energy-efficient than traditional lighting, so they require less energy to operate. Additionally, due to their long life and minimal power consumption, LED lights can contribute to a much lower electric bill on an annual basis. This is especially true for indoor courts since LED lights provide better light quality and coverage at lower wattages than traditional lighting solutions. As a result, indoor courts can potentially see as much as a 75% reduction in electric bills depending on the size of the court and the lighting system installed.

On outdoor courts, however, LED lights may not necessarily reduce electricity bills significantly but still offer significant savings over time. This is because outdoor lighting systems often have higher wattage requirements than indoor ones. This is because you need better lighting to play tennis, which means that even if an outdoor court uses LED fixtures rather than traditional ones, it will still use about the same amount of electricity overall.


The cost of installing LED tennis court lighting may be intimidating at first, but the long-term cost savings associated with their energy efficiency and reduced maintenance needs make them a worthwhile investment for any serious player or facility owner. Furthermore, in many cases, there are now rebates available from local governments that can help further reduce up-front costs associated with installation. Thanks to these factors, LED lighting is becoming an increasingly popular choice for both indoor and outdoor courts—providing superior performance and reliability into the future.

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