How To Design Enticing Custom Boxes For Your Business Growth?

How To Design Enticing Custom Boxes For Your Business Growth?

There is a common misconception that customers make purchasing decisions based on wishful thinking. As a matter of fact, instincts drive these decisions. Custom boxes play an instrumental role in their decision-making process. One research suggests most customers only read 5 to 8 words on packaging while making purchases. The question is, what motivates customers to make instant buying decisions? 

Great sellers know how to step into customers’ minds before any logic comes their way. They know how to influence the “instinctive decision process” of an average customer. This is the key to the success of big brands: they know how to shape people’s minds. Mainly, it is a certain color, design, or shape of particular packaging that attracts customers’ attention.

Nowadays, many businesses need help with sales. From large enterprises to small startups, the recent covid pandemic impacted businesses of all kinds. Many business owners are looking for strategies that can help their businesses achieve the success they enjoyed in the past. Effective custom packaging can play a huge role in this regard. 

Ues Biomotive Triggers

Biomotive Triggers on packaging can help boost your sales because they influence the customer’s subconscious mind. Customers rarely make rational or informed decisions while making a purchase. Market analysts indicate that most customers make decisions based on pure instincts. This is where Biomotive Triggers on packaging come into play.

Packaging experts believe certain graphic elements activate a specific instinctive response in customers. Wise use of Biomotive Triggers on packaging can enhance your product’s commercial success tenfolds. 

Chose Branding Elements Wisely

Custom packaging boxes can earn great brand recognition for your brand. Think of custom packaging as a visual pitch to your customers. This is the reason most brands give their logos a center place on their packaging. In addition to a brand logo, there are many other elements that can be added to the packaging. Unique and creative packaging doesn’t only make your customers delightful, but it also adds more value to your product.

Simple Is Better

Beware of adding too many design elements to your packages. It can backfire anytime; therefore, it must be avoided. Customers don’t like too many visual elements on packages. As the saying goes: simple is better. Try to keep your design minimal, simplistic, and elegant at the same time. When it comes to adding the final color to your packages, a single theme will work just fine. Adding too many patterns and colors can irritate the customer. 

Maintain Your Brand’s Uniqueness

There are millions of products in the market. Every brand is trying to make its way to end users. But it’s not a plain journey. You need to make tons of effort to make your product noticeable and visible to the masses. Brand identity can help you achieve massive commercial success in the market. It comes from the uniqueness of your custom packaging.

What makes your products unique? The people who work in your brand bring their unique skills and experiences. The product your company offers embodies that uniqueness. Custom product packaging presents a great opportunity to show your brand’s uniqueness to customers.

Typography And Text

Make use of thicker and bolder fonts when adding important elements to custom made Boxes. If you are using white or light fonts on a dark background, make sure you embolden the text. Dark backgrounds tend to create an optical illusion. As a result, the main text body may appear smaller and completely “disappear” in some cases.

If you use corrugated material in packaging, make sure the text size is 10 pt. However, for paperboard material, you have a minimum size limit of 6 pt. It’s noteworthy to state that no matter what font size you use on custom logo boxes, the logo and text should be easily readable. 

Rgb Vs. Cmyk – Know The Difference! 

Before designing custom packaging boxes for your product, ensure you thoroughly understand the difference between RGB and CMYK. 

The color combination on your computer screen comprises red, green, and blue lights (RGB). Regardless of the settings, your computer will always display colors in RGB form. 

CMYK, on the other hand, represents Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black) colors. The color combination you see on printed paper is a result of CMYK. Computer files that need to be printed should always be in CMYK form. 

RGB colors become duller and less saturated when converted to CMYK. Conversion of RGB to CMYK often gives rise to color shifting. Keep this under consideration while making physical prints of design files. Color shift always happens, and it may disappoint you in the final result. It is advisable to get a sample print before you place a bulk order for custom boxes wholesale


While designing custom packaging, follow the mantra of “think outside the box.” Custom packaging isn’t just about packaging; it’s an entire marketing strategy on its own. Custom boxes carry your brand’s values. Think of them as a proper communication channel with your customers. Last but not least, the material, shape, and design of custom boxes will add more glance to your final product.  

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