How to Draw A Cartoon Bull?

Cartoon Bull

Bulls are known to be among the most powerful animals in nature. Because of their size, power, and powerful characters, they can be quite rough!

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They are also frequently depicted in art and other depictions. In this guide to drawing a cartoon bull, we’ll show a softer side of this powerful creature for you to draw.

As you go through this guide, you’ll see how fun and easy it can be to portray one of these animals!

How to Draw A Cartoon Bull

Step 1

With this first part of your cartoon bull drawing, we’ll start by outlining this boy’s head and face.

As you can see in our first reference image, it will look a little strange at first, but it’s starting to make sense as we move through the guide!

For now, use a curved vertical line for the face. Next, we’ll use several smaller curved lines for the parts the horns extend from and for the top of the head.

Then we can add the horns ourselves. The horns are quite curved and twisted, as seen in our example.

They will extend from the parts we drew earlier, and you can also opt for a different shape, size, or orientation if you prefer.

Step 2

Now that you have the first outlines for the head of this cartoon bull design, we can start adding some facial features while also adding the outline of the head.

First, we will draw the eyes. As mentioned above, cops can be intimidating, but this one will look pretty friendly!

The eyes are drawn as relatively large oval shapes connected. Then, draw a small circle inside each one with an even smaller black dot inside.

Next, we draw the muzzle for this bull. Add thick nostrils with lines around them, then add the curved, smiling mouth. Done with the outline for the jaw, and then we can continue!

Step 3

In this third part, you’ll finish the outline of the head while you also start drawing the body! First, we’ll draw an ear from the head’s side.

This will also have a curved outline, and another thin curved shape will be inside the inner ear. There will also be another rounded ear from the head’s right side.

Then for the first part of the back, we use a large curved line, from which another small one comes out. That’s all there is to this step, so let’s move on to step 4.

Step 4

In this fourth step, we will add more body to this cartoon bull design. First, use another curved line that connects to the humped back you drew earlier.

The next curved line is vertical and acts as the bull’s back. We’re also going to add a tail to this part, and this will be a curved shape with a tuft of hair at the end.

Add more curvy lines for the chest and stomach but make sure you leave the gaps where we made them because some legs will be there soon! Then we are ready for the final details in the next step.

Step 5

This step of our how to draw a cartoon bull guide is about completing the drawing yourself so that you can color your creation in the final step!

First, we will use short, curved lines for this bull’s legs. They’ll fill in the gaps we left on the bottom of the torus in the previous step.

Next, we’ll add hooves to the ends of the legs. These clogs have rounded shapes with flat bases and a clear parting in the middle.

Once you’ve added the legs, you’re ready for the final step! You could draw a fun background and add other cute farm animals for an idea.

Step 6

Now it’s time to finish this cartoon bull drawing with some color! Bulls aren’t known for being particularly colorful in real life, and we took that muted approach in our reference image.

We used brown tones for this bull’s coat and dark gray tones for the hooves.

You can use similar colors if you like that more realistic look, but you could also give this bull a color change!

There are many other colors you can choose from while keeping them realistic, but you can also choose more stylistic colors if you prefer.

Your Cartoon Bull Drawing is Finished!

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