How to Get the Best Price For Mountain Snowboard

Mountain Snowboarding

The sports of skiing and snowboarding are easy. You only need a hill and the right amount of snow to get started. But it’s not nearly as easy to find the best deals on skis and mountain snowboards. Ski and mountain snowboard gear are hard to find online, whether it’s because of confusing jargon that makes it hard to figure out the right size, a lack of shipping options, or a lack of deals on gear that can cost hundreds of dollars. Still, there is hope. Even if you don’t rent or buy from ASO Mammoth, we still want you to have the best time possible on the mountain. To help, we’ve put together a list of the best online places to look at and buy ski and mountain snowboard gear. Look at them and start saving right away!


REI is one of the best places to buy winter gear because they have a wide range of skis and mountain snowboards for every type of riding. But REI stands out from the rest thanks to great guarantees and return policies, as well as great sales all year long. Also, if you’re a member of the REI co-op, you can go to special events like store garage sales where you can buy used gear at huge discounts and earn points toward future purchases. This winter, if you start shopping at REI, you’ll see why outdoor enthusiasts buy gear there all year long.


Evo has one of the best price-matching policies in the outdoor gear business. They also have a huge selection of gear online and several brick-and-mortar stores all over the United States, Evo won’t just match the price if you find the same piece of gear somewhere else for less than what they list on their website. They’ll offer a better price of 5%. For example, if you find a competitor selling the same pair of skis for $350, Evo will lower the price of a $400 pair of skis on their site to $332. Evo will even match the price of competitors’ memberships, so if you’re looking for gear, you should make Evo one of your stops. Altitude Sports Coupon Code has mountain snowboard gear and other outdoor sports gear at low prices.

Steep and Cheap 

Thanks to their sales and wide range of outdoor winter gear, Steep and Cheap lets you ride with the best gear possible. Similar to Evo, Steep and Cheap will match a competitor’s price, but their main business is their rotating sales, where you can find gear with discounts of up to 80%. Steep and Cheap makes it even easier to find what you need by separating their sales by brands, categories, and even how much an item is discounted. You won’t find much ski and mountain snowboard gear here, but Steep and Cheap is a great place to look for deals on winter clothes, accessories, and outdoor gear in general.


Value is one thing that makes Amazon stand out. Compared to the stores above, they still don’t have as many big-ticket items like snowboards, but they always have the best prices on smaller items like goggles, helmets, gloves, and socks. The online retail giant also has a simple return policy and helpful customer service. If you are a Prime member, you can also get good shipping deals. Don’t expect to find a lot of information about sizes or hands-on employee reviews.

Amazon’s customer service team also doesn’t have the technical, specialized product knowledge of the retailers above. Amazon is best used when you know exactly what you want to buy, but user reviews can be helpful because they have so many sales. They don’t carry as much high-end gear and equipment as sites like Evo or The House above, but we often find that if Amazon sells it, they’ll have the also price if it costs less than $200. Well, you can also use the Rossignol Coupon Code for savings. More you can get discounts on entire sports from RedeemOnSports site.

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