How to Get the Most Out of Your Online Exams With an On Screen Evaluation System

On Screen Evaluation System

If you are preparing for an online exam, you might want to consider using an on screen evaluation system. This type of system allows you to check your answers instantly without having to print out the results. It also gives you the chance to learn how to get the most out of your test. There are several different on screen evaluation systems available. These include IntelliEXAMS, MM-On Screen Evaluation System and JNTU-H.

EasyCheck Online Evaluation System

The EasyCheck Online Evaluation System has been developed to streamline the evaluation process. It provides examiners with the ability to scan data centres, check scanned data centres and mark answer sheets quickly and efficiently. These features enable examiners to reduce the logistical activities involved in handling answer sheets, while maintaining quality of answer scripts.

A study conducted by Dimension showed that the EasyCheck Online Evaluation System had the capabilities to perform the most important functions. For example, it can detect and quantify IgG anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies, inspect various types of fiber connectors and optical transceiver modules, and test TOSA/ROSA components.

In addition, it can be integrated into a portable inspector or used with an EasyGet Digital fiber probe. This allows for easier visual inspection of fiber endfaces and optical connections.

Another benefit of the EasyCheck Online Evaluation System is its ability to automatically compile results. After a short incubation period, test results are available. Tests may be done with or without test trays. Moreover, the system can be used to optimise lateral distribution.

Although the EasyCheck Online Evaluation System has been developed to simplify the evaluation process, it does not replace the use of a good quality optical microscope and monitor. However, it does allow examiners to use the most important features of both, thereby saving working space and time.

Another noteworthy feature is the EasyCheck AF’s digital video solution. This device is a lightweight solution designed to provide accurate and fast visual inspection of fiber endfaces. It combines an 8″ pure black and white TFT LCD and a coaxial illumination optic magnifier.

The EasyCheck AF’s other features include a user-friendly interface, a high-resolution image and an auto focus procedure. Additionally, it has multiple interfaces and storage media options to enhance testing efficiency and precision.

Overall, the EasyCheck Online Evaluation System is a reliable, easy to use tool that can save time and effort on the evaluation process. As a result, it has the potential to become a global tool to assess SARS-CoV-2 transmission dynamics and seroprevalence in different communities.


The Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad (JNTU-H) has introduced an onscreen evaluation system for the final semester examinations. This evaluation system eliminates the need to manually process answer sheets. Evaluators are given a one-time password to access the answer scripts.

After evaluating, the evaluators can allocate marks to students. The system would also auto-calculate marks based on optional questions. In addition, the evaluators are given four minutes to evaluate each paper.

However, some engineering students of colleges affiliated to JNTU-H have sought changes to the exam evaluation system. For instance, in the past, Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE) was a provision which gave 25 marks for theory and practical subjects. But now, the university has added industry-based mini projects and real-time research projects to the curriculum.

In the recent past, several complaints have been filed against the evaluation process. Some of these complaints were against the process of sharing evaluated answer sheets with students. A letter was sent to the varsity authorities to address these concerns.

JNTU-H has responded to these complaints. Officials said that a policy change was required before the answer sheets can be shared with students. As a result, candidates who are unhappy with the results can apply for re-evaluation. They must fill the re-evaluation form and pay a fee of Rs.1000.

There have been reports that the re-evaluation process has helped candidates gain better scores. The re-evaluation of answer scripts can help improve the overall score of students.

JNTU-H also has offered a recounting opportunity for students who are not satisfied with the results. Candidates who are unable to attend the re-evaluation can also take a printout of the results and send it to the respective colleges.

Students can access the results by visiting the University’s official website. To do so, they must first enter their hall ticket number and date of birth. Then they can click on the ‘Result’ links.

The results are available in the form of a statement of marks and pass certificate. These can be printed out and kept for future reference.


IntelliEXAMS is a comprehensive examination management solution for colleges and universities. It is provided by Mindlogicx Infratec Limited. The software is developed in Silicon Valley and Bengaluru, India and marketed internationally from its Singapore office. Aside from IntelliEXAMS, Mindlogicx provides other products including IntelliCAS, which is an anti-counterfeiting solution that authenticates certificates and global access codes.

IntelliEXAMS is an end-to-end examination management system that includes automated question paper generation, delivery, and evaluation. It also manages the entire life cycle of examinations, from the registration of candidates to the generation of hall tickets. This software has helped to reduce the time and costs involved in conducting exams. Moreover, it has improved the quality and transparency of the examination process.

IntelliEXAMS is also designed to support pen-based assessments. It includes features such as question pre-chosen from an item banking system, interpretative reporting, internal marks uploading, online registration, fee management, and automatic hall ticket creation.

One of the key features of IntelliEXAMS is its ability to prevent fraud during the examination process. This is especially important because many exam boards have been urged to tighten their security. To avoid the possibility of counterfeiting, candidates are required to provide a dummy number to their answer booklets. IntelliPAD provides a scanned copy of the booklet to the evaluator on a screen.

Another feature of IntelliEXAMS is its capability to digitize handwritten answer scripts. After the exam, the answer booklets are uploaded to the database for digital evaluation. These documents are also secured using biometric authentication. When the device is turned off, the question papers self-destruct.

Finally, IntelliEXAMS is integrated with KenCLOUD, a private cloud-based service by Mindlogicx. Through the use of this cloud, the software secures data from the examination center and from other connected devices. All of these features help to eliminate the risk of exam malpractices.

So, if you are looking for a better way to evaluate your candidates, consider the advantages of using the best assessment software. If you do, your assessment process will become faster, accurate, and paper-free. And, that will benefit your education system.

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