How to Increase Your Netherlands Dedicated Server Security?

How to Increase Your Netherlands Dedicated Server Security?


There is no doubt that cyberattacks are a common threat in this digital era. We can see thousands of websites go down only because of cyberattacks. That’s why securing your server network gets very crucial. So, choosing the right hosting plan will become as crucial as taking proper precautions to secure the server. Although when you choose a Netherlands Dedicated Server, you get complete security for your website. However, it’s essential to take some steps to secure the server. These precautions will ensure your website security and protect your server from DDoS attacks, malware, etc. So, in this guide, we will discuss how you can increase or improve your dedicated server security.

Why is Dedicated Server Security Essential?

As the name suggests, dedicated servers are entirely yours. You have complete control over the server and can configure it in whichever way you want. It’s totally up to you. So, when we talk about dedicated server security, it becomes more important to protect it from cyber-attacks. A server’s security covers your website’s most parts, from operations to customer experience, brand value, and data breaches.

In other words, if you fail to protect your server, then the repercussions are severe, as this can damage your brand image and cause you to lose all data. So, saving your data with the utmost security measures and precautions is crucial.

How Can You Improve Your Netherlands Dedicated Hosting Security?

There are many ways to protect your Netherlands Dedicated Server security according to the threats you are facing or worried about. But here, we will discuss some major ones, so let’s get started.

Change Your SSH Port

Many businesses run on standard SSH ports, and hackers know how to hack that to breach your Netherlands Dedicated Server security. The SSH listening port is the most vulnerable one, so by default, it is set to 22. But hackers know about this, so they use scanning software to look for hosts that don’t change the port from 22. Switching to another port prevents automated brute-force attacks. It is recommended to change the port number to higher than 1024. Because hackers mostly scan set ranged and rarely go above 1024 numbers. It will help you protect your hidden and secure SSH port from hackers.

Use Only Trusted Networks

Do not use public network connections while logging in to your server accounts. It may expose your credentials to hackers. These networks are unsafe, and your server’s security is most important as you have all your business data here. So, when you connect your Dedicated Server Netherlands hosting, use only secure server connections. Because of this, you should relate only to trusted networks if you want your information to be safe.

Update Security Patches

Outdated software is one of the top vulnerabilities that hackers take benefit from. When a developer releases a security patch that fixes any issue in the software security, then some patches that are left unchecked are in benefit hackers. So, if you skip downloading them, someone else can download these patches and have the most access to your server, which breaches the security. So, never rely on outdated software programs and applications.

Therefore, any delay in installing security updates and patches could be dangerous. For this reason, you should always keep an eye out for server updates. And, if it’s too much to ask for, you can also opt for managed dedicated server services in Netherlands. The host will handle all of this.

Perform Regular Malware Scanning

Your server can be hit by all sorts of viruses, spyware, trojans, etc., affecting your system. It may steal your sensitive information too. So, it’s crucial to scan malware to secure your Netherlands Dedicated Server regularly. You can also install anti-virus software that helps you save your server from these viruses.

Use DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks can bring your business reputation down. Generally, it happens when a sudden burst of traffic is sent to your website that crashes your server, and the website gets down. The user can’t access the web page if this happens. It is being done to bring financial loss to the other business.

You can use DDoS protected Dedicated Server Hosting Netherlands facility to protect your server from these attacks. It came with a DDoS shahid that examines your website’s incoming traffic. So when any suspicious traffic is detected, the requests are diverted from your server, and the organic traffic gets passed. So the user won’t get any issues while browning your web page.

Separate Accounts for Each User

Netherlands Dedicated Server has all the power of the physical server. So, you have admin or root access to the server by which you can create more accounts for other users. With certain privileges, other users can access the server. This way, you can monitor each activity your other users are doing.

Get Serversecure Dedicated Server Services in the Netherlands from Hostbillo

Get Serversecure Dedicated Server Services in the Netherlands from Hostbillo

Many providers provide secure web hosting services in Netherlands, and one of the most reliable hosting providers is Hostbillo. Hostbillo hosting company offers the best Web Hosting Services in Netherlands at affordable prices. The web host provides high-grade and hyper-scale hosting facilities to all its customers. You will get a 99.90% network uptime guarantee with its hosting server services.

And, when you buy Netherlands Dedicated Server hosting from Hostbillo, you get advanced server-level security measures. They will protect your server and the data with the utmost protection. You can also install additional security software as the plan includes a one-click app installer facility. Its Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands plans start at $61 per month and go up to $290 per month. This hosting package includes crucial features that provide maximum security to your website will scalable performance. Let’s discuss them.

Benefits of Hostbillo’s Dedicated Server Netherlands Hosting

Customer Server Configuration

Customer configuration is one of the best features that a Netherlands Dedicated Server brings you to host your site. This feature can add a customized hosting environment that you can configure. All the server settings are in your control so you can modify them according to your needs. This way, you can make your server more secure, and everything will be under your control.

Advanced Security Measures

Hostbillo offers rich security software to your website that safeguards your site from viruses and cyber-attacks. With server-secure advanced security layers, your site is protected. You get Softacolous one-click installer features with your Netherlands Dedicated Server plans. It helps you to add another security software if required quickly. 

SSH Root Access

To have complete control over the server you get is what every user wants. So, Hostbillo provides SSH root access features with its Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands plans. So, you can surveillance each activity that is going on with the help of this access. As we discussed earlier, you could create more accounts for the server’s other users with this access.

Cost-effective Prices

The web hosting company provides all its services at very cost effective rates. They offer a wide range of hosting plans and packages that are budget-friendly. You’ll also find its Netherlands Dedicated Hosting services at a meager price. So, you can grab the one package that is most suitable for you.


By now, you have understood why Netherlands Dedicated Server security is essential and how you can protect it from cyber-attacks and other malicious activities. Adopting all these precautionary features allows you to secure your server with extraordinary security measures. You can do this by yourself and can have managed hosting services. Both are fine if the purpose is securing the network. However, you can grab Hostbillo’s Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands services that provide the utmost security to your server and website. The company offers managed and unmanaged services, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

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