How to Learn to Read Pashto

Read Pashto

Pashto is a language spoken in Afghanistan and Northwest Pakistan. Learning to read a new language is an extensive task. It takes a lot of time and consistent effort to do so. Learning to read Pashto is the same. Like any other language, the first step involves getting familiar with the alphabet, grammar, and pronunciation, which will provide the basic structure. After that, there are multiple steps you can take to improve your reading. 

Pashtu has two dialects which are slightly different from each other. One is hard, which is called Pashtu, and the other is soft, known as Pashtu. A more challenging dialect is more complex to speak and learn. 

In this guide, we are going to talk about some ways in which you can learn and improve your reading Pashto language. Do these to learn to read Pashto and get better results quickly.

Get enrolled in a good academy. 

First, enroll in a good academy that excels in teaching basics such as the alphabet, grammar, and pronunciation of the Pashto language. Only after building a good foundation can you move further on that. An academy plays a crucial role in learning a new language, especially reading, as it is more technical and requires more effort, as we don’t have the non-verbal language to understand what’s being said. If you don’t have access to an offline academy, many academies have courses on how to read Pashto online. 

Learn Pashto Academy will help build that strong foundation to help you learn to read Pashto in online Pashto Classes

Start small 

Baby steps in the beginning make it less daunting, encouraging us to read. Learning big paragraphs can be overwhelming. So, start small and gradually increase. Reading small and accessible stories will reduce stress and make them easy to understand.

Keep a dictionary 

While reading, keep a dictionary with you and look for the meaning of the main words. Don’t look for every word you don’t know; it will make the reading process cumbersome and stressful. Only look for the words that seem essential to understanding the meaning and context of the text. 

Read aloud 

Listening to yourself helps you monitor your pronunciation and also build confidence. Many students prove that reading aloud helps them overcome the fear of reading a new language and develop their reading skills. 

Learn from context 

As mentioned, only look for the meaning of some difficult words while reading Pashto. Instead, try to understand the meaning of the word and text from context. This skill will help you understand how language works better.

Make notes 

Make notes while reading Pashto. You can write the meaning of difficult words or new phrases. Keep these notes handy while reading? 

Read something you enjoy 

Reading a new language is already a daunting process. It can be made easy and stress-free intersecting by reading something you enjoy. This will encourage you to read more and do it more often. Our brain also works better and harder to understand when we are curious to find out what’s going on. Reading like this is much better than something that seems tedious. 

Listen to a native speaker reading. 

Listening to a native speaker will help with pronunciation, tone, and mood while reading specific texts and scenarios. The brain understands things better when words are expressed with verbal and non-verbal cues. This helps interpret the language as reading by a native speaker makes the words come to life, thus much more interesting than plain text.

Extensive reading

Reading intensively is reading less text and trying to understand every bit. This is called intensive reading and results in reading less. Reading a lot while not bothering about the meaning of everything is called extensive reading. Extensive reading helps consume a large amount of text in a short duration. This allows the reader to understand how language works. It will develop excellent innate skills in the dynamics of language. 

Be an independent reader over time.

Over time, try to become an independent reader, i.e., read without help from others or something. This will help you to be not only confident but also develop your thought process and understanding skills. It will enable you to do it more often as you are not tied to any outer source to understand it. 


Learning any new language is hard, but we can make it easier and fun by doing the right thing at the right time. The key to learning Pashto is to make it exciting for us. Read things that you find pleasure in to make your brain crave it. We know things quicker when it doesn’t feel like a burden. Be consistent, as consistency is the key, just like anything else. Good luck on your journey to learn to read Pashto.

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