How To Remove AmpleApp

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What is AmpleApp?

AmpleApp is a browser extension that hijacks your Google Chrome and Firefox browsers and inserts ads into your web pages. The extension has been designed to generate revenue for its creators by inserting ads into the pages you visit.

Once AmpleApp is installed, it will start to inject ads into the pages you are viewing. These ads will be displayed in the form of sponsored links, which will redirect you to the AmpleApp website.

If you want to remove AmpleApp from your browser, there are several steps that you can take. The first step is to locate the AmpleApp extension on your computer. Next, you need to install the anti-virus software on your computer and scan for any unwanted programs. Once the scan is complete, you will need to delete the AmleApp extension from your computer. Finally, you will need to reset your browser settings to ensure that ad injectors are disabled in future browsers.

How to Remove AmpleApp

If you want to uninstall AmpleApp, there are a few different ways you can go about it.

1. Open the Google Play Store app on your device and search for “ample app.” Tap the result that appears and then tap the “Remove” button next to the app’s listing.

2. If AmpleApp is installed on your device through an official channel, such as the Amazon Appstore or Apple’s App Store, you can uninstall it like any other app. On your device’s home screen, scroll down until you see the list of apps installed and tap on AmpleApp’s name. Then tap on the “Uninstall” button in the app’s info window.

3. If AmpleApp was installed manually from a file downloaded from the internet, you can remove it by unzipping its contents and then tapping on the “Uninstall” button in its info window.


AmpleApp is a malicious app that hijacks your device and redirects all incoming calls and texts to its own number. If you have AmpleApp installed on your device, there is a good chance it has already caused some damage. This guide will show you how to remove AmpleApp from your device completely so that you can restore optimal phone function and protect yourself from future infections.

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