How To Remove Fog From The Car Glass?

A car defogger helps in removing fog from a car’s windshield, thus helping drivers drive smoothly.

Going on a long drive during the monsoon season can be a refreshing experience. However, it brings in the problem of low visibility due to rain. The problem gets worse when your car’s windshield gets fogged up because of the cold weather. It obstructs your vision and can be dangerous for drivers. Obstructed vision due to fog can cause accidents on road. But you can easily solve the problem with the help of a car defogger

Condensation or fogging is a common problem in cars during monsoons. It is pretty dangerous when the windows and windshield have fog on them. It can obscure the vision of the driver and cause accidents. The monsoon season already brings a certain amount of risk when driving in wet road conditions. 

In India, one experiences intense summers. It is quite normal to be inside an air-conditioned car during this time. However, the hot air outside reaches the cold glass of the vehicle, and tiny droplets of water form on the surface and make it foggy. Although this type of fogging is easier to wipe off, it can be very distracting for the driver. 

Every car has a defogger which, as its name implies, clears the fog in a matter of minutes. When you do car accessories shopping online, you can find a defogger easily. Here are some of the simple tips you can use to defog your car in the summer. 


How To Use A Car Defogger In A Car To Defog Windshield? 

A defogger or defroster in a car is one of the most common and important features of a vehicle. It helps you to defog the front windshield, windows and rear windshield. Activating the defogger function in a car is pretty simple . The below points explain how to use a defogger in a car. 

  • If you carefully see your car’s dashboard, you may find a button with a sign of three curved arrows.  
  • Press the button once to activate the defog function, and the sign lights up when the defrost function is on. 
  • When you press the defogger button, hot air blows towards the windshield to clear the fog.  
  • Now press the same button once more to deactivate the defogger when your purpose is complete. 
  • Some cars have two defogger buttons- one for the front windshield and one for the rear windows.  
  • You may also install an anti-fog film for cars.  
  • In the same way, you may use wipers to clean your windshield. You may wipe off the water droplets on the glass easily with a few swipes of the blades. If you feel that the wipers are making the windshield obscure, spray some cleaner and turn the wipers on so they clean the glass as well. 


Steps You Should Follow Defog the Rear Window Of A Car 

A clear rear windshield is crucial for a driver to see the traffic behind the vehicle. A fogged-up rear window can be dangerous. Defogging the rear window is as essential as defogging the front windshield. Follow these below points to defog your car’s rear window. 

  • If your car has a rear defogger button, press it to clear the fog from the rear windshield. 
  • You can switch on AC to reduce the moisture content in the air inside the car. 
  • You can turn on the heater to defog the rear window. 
  • Open the windows to allow fresh air inside the car, and it will help fog disappear from the rear windshield. 


How To Defrost Car Windshield While Driving? 

You can follow the above-mentioned points to defrost the windshield while driving. However, make sure that you stay focused while driving. It would be ideal if you park your car on the roadside and then follow the procedure to clear the fog. 

The most convenient way to clear the fog while driving is using a car defogger. It is easy for the driver, and it does not distract the person behind the wheel. Make sure you do not wipe the windshield with a cloth when you are driving, as you can easily lose your sight on the road. 


The Bottom Line 

When you ignore foggy windows, you are actually risking your life. Sometimes understanding how to clear fog can be a matter of life and death. A car defogger is essential to clear the fog from the windshield instantly. It improves visibility when fog is a common phenomenon. It is a system that blows hot air into the windshield to quickly remove the water droplets accumulated on the car window. 

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