Learn how to make faster and more powerful Beyblades

Learn how to make faster and more powerful Beyblades

Most of the Beyblade players are boys or super geeky girls that know the Manga series by heart, and now we are going to start to teach you guys how to build an actual Beyblade, and see how you can be one step closer to having one of the fastest one and one of the most powerful, without making it too big or too heavy, so that it can keep its loose properties!

Everybody knows already how a Beyblade looks. It’s very clear after seeing the – games-kids.com – views inside the Beyblade games category and the number of played games inside the category! It’s time to set up a little test and see if you guys know what properties a Beyblade needs to have in order to be fast, powerful, agile, and in the end undefeated.


First Beyblade round of questions ?!


#1 – My Beyblade is green, and I lost against a red Beyblade!

Think about this accusation. Is it relative? Do you have one of these Beyblades in your collection? Because let us tell you, the color of your Beyblade, no matter if it’s black, green, yellow, red, or purple does not count in any way in your Beyblade device’s properties. It will not make it faster, smarter, or more powerful against any other type of Beyblade with any other type of color. It doesn’t really matter.


#2 – My Beyblade is tall but I keep losing against smaller devices!

The bigger they are, the harder they fall! Just like in your ordinary life, this will happen in the Beyblade world as well…because these fighting devices are going to have to fight gravity, like any other object in this world. If you have a tall Beyblade, it does not mean that that it will be stronger or faster, because the little Beyblade will have a lower center of gravity! You get defeated because the little one goes under the bigger one’s gravity center, and that makes it lose balance and fall over due to the speed it is spinning.

#3 – How do I make a more resistant Beyblade?

Now you know a few details about the Beyblade device’s properties! What do you think needs to be stronger? What would be important? We would argue that the same of the Beyblade is one of the first things that you plan before you start assembling your own. There are a few shapes your Beyblade can have at the end when you build it, a full circle, a circle shape that has pointers, and more of a square shape to the end. Which one do you think is better?

Tips on creating a fast Beyblade!

  • choose your Beyblade shape carefully, because you are the only one that knows how you are going to fight with your specific devices!
  • If you want speed you need to build in a certain way, and if you want power, it needs to be very bulky.
  •  speed is given by the shape and the material of the Beyblade. Plastic might make it faster, but it will make it weaker.
  • power is given by weight, so if it’s heavy and small, it will be a powerful Beyblade.

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