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Reading the Quran is instrumental in opening up doors of Allah’s blessing and kick-starting our journey to understand the Quran and Islam. The biggest obstacle to learning to read Quran is the language barrier for non-Arabs. The first step in learning the teachings and dimensions of Islam is to gain the ability of Quranic reading. Able to read the Quran laid the foundation of the bond between humans and Allah. Muslims are strictly ordered to read the Quran correctly. So, Muslims should pay lots of attention to it.

For a native Arabic speaker, it’s comparatively easy to learn. Owing to language immersion, they can understand the text and context. Also, listening to people around speaking the Arabic language, makes it natural to pronounce and understand the connotations of words. But for non-native speakers, it’s harder as they can’t have the opportunity to surround themselves with language. So, they have to rely on other ways to learn to read the Quran. In Muslim countries, students can learn at mosques, Islamic centers, or from tutors. Thus, it’s easy for them to learn to read. But in non-Islamic countries, it gets pretty difficult to do so – for this reason, the online Quran classes take initiative to teach Quran online. Also, if students want to get better at reading with proper Tajweed they usually enroll in classes.

Reading Quran online classes

There are many sources to learn to read Quran online. Few are  

  • Mobile apps
  • Websites
  • Online academies/institutions
  • YouTube

These are all great resources but today we are going to talk about online academies. They provide courses specially designed for reading the Quran. They have professionally designed curricula, quality software, customized study plans, and qualified teachers to provide quality education to students. These online classes are student-focused, flexible, and convenient.

There is a lack of quality institutions nearby to learn to read the Quran, especially in Western countries. In this case, online classes are the best alternative to learning Quranic reading. They hire highly qualified and trained teachers to teach the Quran from the basic to the advanced level. Online reading classes teach basic pronunciation and rules of the Arabic language.

The teacher is required to have multiple skills to be able to provide quality education in reading online classes. They should be

  • Qualified and skilled 
  • Experienced
  • Trained
  • Intensely tested before hiring
  • Know different Techniques and their in-depth knowledge to apply

These skills will enable teachers to provide quality knowledge, valuable for Quranic reading.

Learn to read Quran online course  

The course involved different steps in learning to read the Quran.

Noorani Qaida

The first step for students with no prior knowledge, usually kids aged 4-7 years learn Noorani Qaida. It contains practical rules for reading the Quran.  They learn

  • Reading Arabic letters
  • Linking letters together or separating
  • Reading words
  • Reading short and long sentences

Quran reading (Tarteel Quran) with Basic Tajweed

The next step is reading the Quran with tajweed rules. They learn the following rules

Learn the correct pronunciation of every Arabic alphabet by practicing their articulation points.   

  • Learn the Harakat or movements. 
  • Learn the Tanween or double movements. 
  • Learn the Madd letters or elongation.
  • Learn Sukoon or silent letters.  
  • Learn Shadda or stressed letters.
  • Learn different rules for
  • Joining letters
  • Forming words & sentences 

Learn to read the Quran fluently

After students get a basic grip on reading the Quran.  They will learn more and the complicated rules of Tajweed.

Students learn rules to read the Quran fluently and smoothly by being able to easily join words.

  • Learn Sakinah rules of Noon & Meem to prefect reading
  • Rules of Tanween
  • Qalqala & Its rules
  • Revision of all rules

Tajweed provides profound insight into the meaning of the Quran.  Correct pronunciation led to perfect meanings.  So, it’s also essential for the preservation of the pronunciation and meaning of the Quran.


Online reading classes provide an alternative way for students who can’t attend regular classes. These online classes offer quality education with the convenience of learning anytime from anywhere. They teach from basic to advanced levels of reading the Quran. Students will be able to read Quarn fluently at the end of the course. Reading Quran online classes is a great way to learn the skill at your own pace.

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