Leaving Addiction can make you Happy

Leaving Addiction can make you Happy

The Materialistic Search for Happiness Has Its Own Paradox Unfortunately. In today’s capitalist society, the two goals outlined in the title—which I find to be starkly opposed—are frequently confused. They can be considered to be nearly identical, and they have been Addiction. And if happiness is really thought of in terms of money, the closer you get to achieving this most enviable of goals. the more money you make and the more things you own. Right?

Leon F. Seltzer, Ph.D., is an English and psychology doctoral candidate. He used to teach English at Cleveland State University and Queens College (CUNY), and he now lives in Del Mar, California, where he has run a general private practice rehab centers near me for over 30 years.

Consultant for publishers and businesses alike

He has taught approximately 200 adult education workshops on these topics and has clinical specialties in anger. Trauma resolution (using EMDR and IFS), couples conflict, compulsive/addictive behaviors, and depression. He has also worked as a consultant for publishers and businesses alike.

Editor: Nadeem Noor Not at all! Even though it may appear ironic, material happiness is doomed to fail. It is an objective that will never be attained. It almost by definition Addiction is not even reachable—ever, as will be explained shortly. On the other hand, happiness may be within your grasp if it is understood from a more spiritual perspective.

Personal health and even less to do with material wealth

By “spiritual,” I mean that I see this ideal state as the result of many non-material achievements. which would include a satisfying sense of community drug rehab west Virginia or belonging with other people and the entire natural world; the formation of warm, supportive Addiction, and mutually honest relationships; an unrestricted love, respect, and acceptance of oneself that is unaffected by one’s surroundings; and a state of well-being that is almost unbreakable (has little to do with personal health and even less to do with material wealth).


Neither having a lot of money nor being physically strong is necessary to feel content with your life—not complacent. Your tranquility and overall contentment with your life Addiction, despite its inevitable ups and downs, are protected. Therefore, the calmness and cheer of what’s going on inside your head—also known as the “buoyancy” of your thoughts. And feelings—far outweighs any turmoil, doom, or despair that may be taking place outside.

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