Moissanite Vs. Diamond: Which is a Better Engagement Ring?

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Whether you are considering buying a moissanite engagement ring or if you have been shopping around for one for a while, there are some things that you need to know. Understanding what you need to know will make the shopping process much easier and help you buy the right ring for your loved one.

More Brilliant Than White Diamonds

Choosing moissanite engagement rings are an excellent choice for many people. This is because it can look just like a diamond but cost a fraction of the price. And, because it is so durable, it can stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life. And you can get your ring in any shape or size you want. And almost any colored gemstone can be used to set it.

Moissanite was first discovered in 1893 by Henri Moissan, a Nobel Prize winner. It is a crystalline silicon carbide form found in incredibly tiny crystals.

Compared to diamonds, moissanite has a higher refractive index. That means it bends and refracts light much more efficiently. This means that it will look brighter than a diamond. Also, because of the refractive index, moissanite is more durable than diamonds.

It’s also less likely to get dirty. It doesn’t have the inclusions that diamonds do. It has less of a tendency to attract dirt and grease. It also has a lot of fire, which is a reflection of colored light.

Moissanite is available in multiple-carat weights, colors, and cut styles. It’s an excellent choice for engagement rings, especially those that feature a large center stone. It’s also a perfect option for more accent stones.

More Affordable Than Diamonds

Compared to diamonds, moissanite engagement rings are a budget-friendly option. However, not all moissanite engagement rings are created equal. Here’s how to choose the ideal one for you.

First, let’s compare the size of the stone. The larger the stone, the more it will cost. For instance, a 6.5mm moissanite stone costs approximately $850. This is about 80% less than the average cost of a one-carat diamond.

The fire in a moissanite stone is visible in larger stones. However, it could be more apparent in more minor rocks.

The quality of the diamond will also influence the price. Generally speaking, diamonds with the best clarity grade are rarer. However, buying a particular order from Forever One colorless is also possible. It’s not as colorless as the near-colorless stones, but it’s still considered a more admirable stone than Forever Brilliant.

Diamonds have been the traditional stone for engagement rings for centuries. They’re beautiful and hold their value over time. Diamonds also have an heirloom quality, so you can pass them down through generations.

While moissanite is not the real deal, it’s still a beautiful gemstone in its own right. It’s not as difficult to find in jewelry stores as diamonds, which is why it’s often considered a budget-friendly option.

It’s also worth noting that moissanite is a greener alternative to diamonds. Moissanite is grown in laboratories, which reduces the environmental impact of diamond mining.

It Comes With a Lifetime Guarantee

Having a lifetime guarantee on your moissanite engagement ring means you will get a new one whenever it wears out, or you can get one repaired by the jeweler of your choice. This is an excellent idea for the bride-to-be who doesn’t want to worry about her ring wearing out in the future.

It’s not uncommon to find moissanite gemstones that have a slight yellowish hue under certain lighting conditions. However, you don’t have to worry about these issues when purchasing new lab-grown stones.

As long as you keep your moissanite clean, your gemstone should last a lifetime. Using warm water and a soft toothbrush, you can keep your stone sparkling.

Moissanite has a high refractive index of 2.65, meaning the stone sparkles more than the average diamond. This is why it is considered a better choice for engagement rings.

Moissanite engagement rings are more durable than diamonds and are less likely to chip or crack. They are also more resistant to chemicals and high temperatures.

Moissanite is also the most accessible gemstone to find. It can be found in many shapes, sizes, and styles. You can even find moissanite loose, making it easier to find the perfect piece for your wedding day.

The best thing about moissanite is that it is both environmentally friendly and ethical. It is produced eco-friendly, avoiding the conflict trade in the diamond industry.

It’s Ethically-Sourced

Buying ethically sourced rings is a great way to show you care about the environment. These rings are made from recycled materials and come from economies free of conflict. These rings are not only beautiful, but they are also affordable.

Moissanite is an excellent choice for anyone interested in buying ethically sourced rings. Moissanite is created in an environmentally conscious way and is more ecologically friendly than diamonds. It also has a lower carbon footprint.

Moissanite is more affordable than diamonds and is available in various sizes. Additionally, it is less likely to draw dirt and grease. The gemstone is also extremely bright. It reflects white light more than a diamond does. This means you will have a stunning ring that looks even better than a natural diamond.

The best way to determine the ethical origin of your jewelry is to contact an independent jeweler. You should be able to get a different certificate from them. You can also check out a trade show. These shows are a great place to find gemstones at a variety of prices. You can also find out more about ethical jewelry from trade show experts.

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