Myths About Car Tyres You Must Know About

Myths About Car Tyres You Must Know About

Tyres are the most important part of your vehicles which enable them to run on the road. They appeared very strong and people think they can cover any distance without complaining. However, they too need proper care and maintenance. Otherwise, they will become defective and you have to visit an online tyre shop to get new ones for your car. Apart from their strength and durability, there are many other myths about tires and people believe in these myths as well. Today we are going to tell you about such myths so you don’t believe them.

Valve Caps

The most common myth is about valve caps. Most of you must believe the myth that valve caps prevent the backflow of air from tyres. However, this is not the case. Valves already have an internal lock to stop the backflow of air. The main purpose of valve caps is to protect the valve from dust and water. The accumulation of these materials in the valve will result in the release of air. Therefore, you need to keep the valve covered with its cap.

Pressure Figure Mentioned on Side of the Tyres

Every tyre has a specific pressure figure on its side. There is a myth that you need to inflate your car tire to this limit to make it suitable for driving. However, this number reflects the maximum pressure of air or PSI a tire can contain. You just have to not exceed this limit. Inflating your car tyre below this mentioned figure is required in normal conditions.

Underinflated Tyres During a Rain

This myth is believed by most drivers. It states that underinflated tyres will have more grip on wet roads. But in fact, the inflation of tires has nothing to do with their grip on the road. Instead of improving grip, underinflated tyres will become a victim to tear and wear on wet roads as more water can stay on them.

Spare or Temporary Tyres

There is a myth that you don’t need to replace the spare or temporary tires of your car because they are good enough to match the permanent ones. As is clear from their name, spare or temporary tyres are only for emergencies. You cannot use them as regular tires for your car. You need to replace them with new permanent tires as soon as possible.

Tyres Tread

According to the myth, your tires are safer to use until they have treads on them. Treads are not there to check the strength or durability of tyres. They are only to dispense water and improve handling. 

Branded Tyres

This myth is blindly believed by most drivers of the world. According to it, branded tyres will not last much longer than local ones. This is not a fact at all. When you buy tires from a well reputed brand such as Dunlop Tires, you get quality products. These tires must last longer than ordinary ones.

Bottom Line

Don’t believe any of these myths and always take proper care of your car tyres. Ignore all these myths when it comes to buying a new tire for your car, and buy it from a trusted and well reputed brand only.

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