Popular Activities And Attractions To See While Visiting Albany

Visiting Albany

If you’re heading to Esperance’s beaches or Margaret River’s wine country, you must make a pit stop in Albany. The historical significance of this once-bustling harbor will hold your attention for days. The coast, where you might spot whales or dolphins, the quaint downtown, and the museums are all great options at this time.

In the decades that followed, from the 1950s through the 1980s, whaling was Albany’s principal economic driver. When it was shut down, it was the last whaling station in the Southern Hemisphere to have English-speaking staff. The station has been renovated into a museum unlike any other in the world and is open to visitors. 

Now, coming to the part about what travelers can do in Albany. Well, it’s the kind of place that you fall in love with once you get there. Get packed, start planning, make jetblue bookings in any class and save up to 60% off on every flight till the last minute. So, are you excited to know some more? Here’s a catalog for you to see the best places & things to do in Albany:

The best time to plan to get to Albany.

It is suggested that you arrange your trip to Albany in the summer when temperatures in Perth can reach 40 degrees so that you can enjoy the pleasant, moderate climate. In the winter, you should anticipate rain and gloom, however, you might also be treated to beautiful clear skies. Irregular weather is, in a nutshell, weather that is.

Where should you go and what should you see in Albany?

Visit important historical sites

Albany has a rich history that spans millennia (for the young country that is Australia). Many of the city’s historic structures have been preserved, adding to the city’s appeal. Strawberry Hill Old Farm, Town Hall, St. John’s Church, and the Old Post Office are just a few of the historic buildings in town. If you’re taking a stroll through the downtown area, you could catch a glimpse of them. 

There are plenty of shopping places, but the atmosphere is calm and pleasant for families. Never miss a Saturday morning’s Farmer Market, where local farmers sell their fresh produce and handmade goods (cheese, honey, etc.). How do you feel about the prospect of working on a farm? I think it’s time to start asking farmers if they need help.

Anzac Peace Park 

Tuck your business cards into your pocket or picnic basket and walk to Anzac Peace Park to get a look at the darker side of Albany. In reality, this is the spot from which 41,000 Australian males and females embarked in 1914 to join the Allies and fight in World War I. The National Anzac Center provides a comprehensive account of these events. If you find yourself in the area of this museum, which has won awards for its innovative exhibits several times. You may be one of 32 young Australian soldiers or doctors in this one-of-a-kind interactive experience for just $25.

Princess Royal Fortress

From their departure from Australia to their time in the bomb fields to their eventual return and the difficulties they encountered trying to resume their previous life, you may experience it all through audio and movies. An excellent example of admiration for the past. Additionally, the Princess Royal Fortress, which was constructed in 1893 and is one of the earliest Australian defense forts, provides tourists with a beautiful view of the bay and features real cannons.

When do you eat?

Here, diners may choose restaurants that cater to their own tastes and budgets. If you’re missing France, you may satisfy your craving for French pastries and a baguette at Gourmandise & Co., or you can plan ahead and reserve a table at Lavender Cottage for some delicious traditional French cuisine.

Is cuisine on a budget? 

Istanbul Kebab & Turkish Bakery has you covered with delicious selections like garlic bread and falafels. The locals, who seem to spend the entire day trailing one another, are not mistaken: the dinner is excellent, despite the unfriendly aspect. After that, you can choose to spend the rest of the night at one of the many bars in the downtown area. A mild obsession with 6th Degree and White Star’s weekly and weekend live shows. 

How to reach Albany?

By air

Between Perth Airport and Albany Airport, there are various flights to Albany that take off many times every week. The flight time is roughly 1.25 hours, and there are daily departures.

By train

Leaving Cannington Station first is the Armadale line, which terminates at Albany Highway. At roughly 6:40, the bus will pull into the terminal.

By road

Perth and Albany are 693 miles and 421 kilometers apart, respectively. To get from Perth to Albany by automobile should take about 4 hours and 35 minutes.


Located in Western Australia’s southwestern corner, the cities of Albany are famous for the quality of their wines and the diversity and beauty of their surrounding forests and fields of wildflowers. So why wait? Plan your trip with AirlinesMap and personalize your itinerary itself. Happy Vacations..!!

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