5 Reasons Your Car Alarm Keeps Going Off (And How To Fix It)

5 Reasons Your Car Alarm Keeps Going Off (And How To Fix It)

When your car alarm goes off for no reason, it can be extremely frustrating and annoying, not only for you but for your neighborhood as well. However, the good news is that the cause of it going off is generally easy to trace and there are certain ways to fix it. Here are five possible reasons your car alarm keeps going off and how to fix it.

1. Key Fob Malfunction

One of the most common reasons is the key fob malfunction. Key fob battery may go flat after a long period of use. In case it happens, the key fob is probably not able to send signals perfectly which causes the alarm to go off. To solve this issue, simply swap the battery out. Many key fobs take coin battery type, which can be purchased from any shop that sells batteries. Also, key fobs themselves can be replaced. In case the batteries are not to blame, the fob may need to be scanned or reset. Any local mechanic can do this job for you.

2. Dirty Latch sensor

In most modern cars, the bonnet latch comes with a sensor that sets off the ghost alarm in case someone tries to open the bonnet forcefully. With the passage of time, dirt, engine grease and grime can build up and stop the sensor from working in the right manner. In case cleaning the bonnet latch doesn’t solve the issue, it can be the poor connection to the control unit, which should be fixed.

3. Poor Installation

Installing a ghost alarm yourself can save you money and help you in lowering your insurance premium, however, it can lead to mistakes with DIY installation. In case you have failed to install it well, or in case one of the components has failed, it can lead to the dreaded wailing when you least expect it. It is worth noting that poor installation of your car alarm may invalidate your insurance as well. Therefore, it might be worth getting it checked by some professionals.

4. Car Battery is Low

In case your car’s battery is low and is not sending the right voltage amount to the alarm, it may set off the alarm. Even in case the batteries are rusty or flat, worn-out battery terminals can interfere with the electricity flow. Replace your old batteries with the new ones, as simple as that!

5. Dodgy Sensors

Vehicles often have a wide range of sensors in order to detect activity. These may include proximity sensors, door sensors, glass break sensors, microphone sensors or tilt sensors. All of them can detect when something or someone is trying to get into, make off or is already in your vehicle. In case one of these sensors is faulty, it may cause the alarm to set off. In a few cases, it is also possible to reduce or deactivate the individual sensors. Try these solutions if any of these reasons cause alarm to set off.


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