Secrets to Professional Residential Painting in Australia

Secrets to Professional Residential Painting in Australia

Residential painting is all about giving your old house a new look. It is not a difficult task but needs a proper management plan. It is different from commercial painting as you cannot do it yourself, whereas residential painting is up to you. Residential painting can make your property look and feel fresh and attractive and add value to your property. And residential painting is comparatively cheap compared to commercial painting.

No doubt commercial and residential both are responsibilities task, you cannot take them as easy tasks. Residential painting has two major parts: interior house painting and exterior house painting.

Let’s discuss the secrets to professional painting in Australia in detail.

Professional Residential Painting in Australia

Paint Trim First

In order to ensure sharp paint lines, apply frog tape painter’s tape between the trim and the wall. You should avoid painting over delicate surfaces like wood floor wallpaper. If you are using frog tape, use delicate tape. Remember to paint the trim first for better results.

Fill the Damage Surfaces Before Painting

It is a part of a house where with time walls and surfaces can lose the aesthetic sense and shine over time, but you do not need to worry at all. Repair all those areas of your house where surface walls get some signs of cracks, dents or any other issue to be needed to fix. Always before fixing the repair parts of residential painting can get your benefit you in the long run and add double your property value.

Also, exterior painting in Melbourne of your residential property can attract others to look at your house and raise your good image in society and your neighbourhood. So, do not compromise on your residential painting. If possible and easy for you, do house renovation at least two times a year.

 Keep Your House as Dry as Possible

In the process of residential painting, a professional painter understands the impact of moisture and humidity. Besides destroying the shine of your residential painting, moisture ingress weakens the adhesion of paint coats. Professional painting specialists say these difficulties can cause flaky paint, worn-out walls, and peeling paint.

Therefore, avoiding too much humidity during the painting process benefits your property in a variety of ways.

Use Quality Primer

Quality priming is a key to prolonging paint on surface walls. It binds the paint for a long time and avoids dents and cracks on surface walls. Moreover, it also helps in protecting the shine of the paint and increases the overall paint performance.

The Preparation Must be Perfect before Painting

Proper preparation is necessary before the painting process starts to make the painting process as efficient and effective as possible. Preparing a room for residential painting begins with clearing it out. Also, if something seems too big to move, place it in the centre of the room and cover it with plastic.

Professional painters perform sanding and scraping, dusting and vacuuming after this process to ensure that the painting process is straightforward.

Also, read about pressure cleaning in Melbourne.

Painting Order is Necessary

Following the order is a necessary part of a painting. You can get confused if you do not follow the order. Generally, paintable areas can be categorized as follows, and one good approach is to paint your interior in this order.

  • Ceilings
  • Mouldings on doors, windows, ceilings, and
  • The ceiling, door, window, or floor when they meet with the wall it is known as the cut-ins
  • Walls

Choosing the Suitable Paint Type

Colours and paint are both two different things. Colours are in millions but paint types are only a few. The most famous are oil-based paint, acrylic-based paint, and water-based paint. You can further include eggshell, semi-gloss and satin. Always choose the suitable paint type for your residential property or house.

For instance, painting experts prefer to flat, eggshell and satin paints for interior walls. For trim and woodwork, gloss and semi-gloss are perfect. As you know, we need different paints for the kitchen, bathroom and the living and dining hall. Interior painting in Melbourne is best known for choosing the suitable paint type in Australia.

So, choosing the suitable paint type is the secret to a long-lasting paint finish.

I hope some of these secrets to professional residential painting will help you in your home painting tasks. Have fun!


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