The Best Crystals to Wear With Your Moldavite Pendant

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While most minerals used in jewelry and crystal healing are naturally-occurring, moldavite differs in that it came from the stars. Described as a vitreous silica projectile glass, it was formed as a result of an asteroid impacting the earth some 15 million years ago in the Nördlinger Ries Crater in southern Germany. 

Despite being a type of tektite, though, it is still considered a precious gemstone, and is prized by collectors and crystal healing believers alike. Part of the appeal lies in its rarity: moldavite cannot be reproduced–the fact that it exists in the first place is a one-of-a-kind cosmic fluke, and supply for it is limited. It is also exceptionally beautiful: moldavite is usually found a vivid moss green color that can either be transparent or translucent, with whimsical bubble inclusions that make it look like a window into the depths of a tranquil pond. 

Crystal healing enthusiasts, meanwhile, value moldavite as a powerful stone. They believe that its celestial origins give it various metaphysical properties that can aid in physical, mental, and emotional healing. Read on below for more information about this fascinating mineral, and what crystals are best paired with a moldavite pendant:

Moldavite 101

There is historical evidence proving that moldavite and other tektites were collected by prehistoric peoples in Austria and the Czech Republic. Back then, it was mainly used to create flaked tools. 

Its green color led people in ancient times to view it as a lucky charm of sorts. Indeed, moldavite amulets dating as far back as 25,000 BC have been found in parts of eastern Europe. People there still believe that moldavite offers protection from unseen threats. It is also believed to aid in reproduction: in Czech folklore, moldavite is given as a gift to couples on their wedding day to inspire matrimonial peace. 

In crystal healing, moldavite is also known as the Stone of Transformation. It is said to vibrate at an intensely high frequency, and emits a strong energy. For these reasons, crystal healing enthusiasts often look to it when seeking change in their lives. 

Activating your moldavite pendant

A moldavite pendant from Ice Imports is the best way to keep moldavite close to the chakras that can best benefit from it, namely the Crown, Heart, and Third Eye chakras. You may wear it immediately, but the crystal can benefit from a simple activation ritual that unlocks its full potential. 

When you first receive your moldavite pendant, it’s important to cleanse and charge it up. The process removes any residual energy from anyone else who may have previously handled it, replacing it with yours. 

You can cleanse your moldavite pendant by holding it in your hand and soaking it in saltwater, spring water, sunlight, or moonlight. It also reacts well when passed through healing smoke produced by incense or sage, both of which can also be purchased from Ice Imports. After cleansing, you can then program the crystal with your intentions through a short meditation. 

The best crystals to pair with a moldavite pendant

This moldavite pendant from Ice Imports combines a rough-cut piece of moldavite with a Herkimer diamond, an excellent pairing. Crystal healing enthusiasts believe that the Herkimer diamond is a stone of attunement that, like moldavite, emits strong vibrations that can clear out mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages. Combined this way, moldavite and the Herkimer diamond work in tandem to offer emotional healing and balance to those in need of it. 


Another great crystal to pair with moldavite is rainbow moonstone, such as in this offering from Ice Imports. In this pairing, the moonstone amplifies moldavite’s potential to unlock potent feminine energies and allows the wearer to better connect with the celestial. Moonstone also tempers the strong transformational energies of moldavite, which can be overwhelming to some users. Combined in this way, those vibrations are softened so that the wearer still feels soothed and grounded, even when going through significant life changes. 


Rose quartz also improves the effectiveness of moldavite in many ways. Both crystals influence the Heart chakra, and when used in meditation, the combination can help bolster feelings of comfort, love, and kindness. You can also purchase loose rose quartz or rose quartz jewelry from Ice Imports, under their Quartz section. 

Purchase a moldavite pendant from Ice Imports

Moldavite is often imitated with green bottle glass and you can be easily scammed if you aren’t careful. Make sure that you’re purchasing genuine moldavite by buying your moldavite pendant from Ice Imports today. In addition to moldavite pendants, they also offer moldavite rings, moldavite necklaces, and other pieces of jewelry. You can also purchase a stone cage necklace and keep a loose piece of moldavite in it. Harness the metaphysical powers of crystals now and look through Ice Imports’ extensive selection of them today. 

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