The Enemigo of Your Characters


When you’re writing a novel, you need your characters to be engaging and realistic. But what happens when those characters start to become enemigos – enemies that are difficult to overcome and oppose everything your protagonist stands for? In this post, we will explore how to create compelling enemigos for your characters without making them overly complex or unbelievable. By following these tips, you can ensure that your readers are pulled into the conflict and rooting for your protagonist to triumph over their rival.

What is the enemigo of your characters?

In many stories, the enemigo of your characters is a force to be reckoned with. This could be an evil wizard, a powerful monster, or anyone who threatens the safety and well-being of your protagonists. Whom do you put at the forefront of your enemies’ minds?
In some cases, your protagonists may have specific enemies. For example, Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars saga is always in conflict with the Empire, while Sherlock Holmes routinely takes on criminals and spies. In other cases, your protagonists may simply have a general enmity for anyone who stands in their way.

The three enemies of your protagonists

1. The enemigo of your protagonists is usually themselves. They may be tempted to compromise their values, or to give in to temptation.

2. Your protagonists’ enemies can be external forces, such as rivals or adversaries, or internal forces, such as doubts and fears.

3. It’s important to keep your characters’ enemies in mind when writing stories, so that they remain dynamic and interesting.

The five enemies of your antagonists

1. The ennemy’s goals: What is the enemy trying to achieve?

2. The ennemy’s methods: How does the enemy go about achieving its goals?

3. The ennemy’s allies: Who are the ennemy’s allies and why do they support it?

4. The ennemy’s vulnerabilities: Where is the enemy weakest and can you exploit that weakness?

5. The enemigo’s Achilles’ heel: What makes the enemy vulnerable to defeat and how can you take advantage of that?

How to create an enemigo for your characters

How to create an enemigo for your characters

Enemies are a vitally important part of any story, and they can provide endless opportunities for drama and conflict. Here are a few tips on how to create an enemy that will torment your characters and keep them on their toes.

1. Be consistent
Your enemies should have similar characteristics from story to story, so readers know what to expect. Give them unique names and personalities, but make sure they always act in a predictable way. This will help build suspense and anticipation as your characters try to outwit their adversary.

2. Create layers of complexity
Don’t just rely on one enemy; create several different ones with different strengths and weaknesses. This will give your readers plenty of reasons to root for one character over another, or even side with the antagonist entirely.

3. Keep them unpredictable
Enemies shouldn’t be easy to predict or understand – they should be mysterious and complex, with hidden motives that the characters don’t yet know about. This will add layers of tension and excitement as the protagonists try to figure out what might be happening behind the scenes.

Tips for defeating the enemigo of your characters

1. Define your character’s enemy. Is it a rival, an antagonist, or something more abstract? What motivates him?
2. Take the time to learn your character’s enemies’ strengths and weaknesses. In many cases, knowing what makes them dangerous can be the key to defeating them.
3. Use your knowledge of your character’s enemies to devise strategies for defeating them. In some cases, you might need to use specific abilities or tactics in order to prevail.
4. Remember that not all battles are fought head-on; sometimes it’s better to exploit your enemy’s vulnerabilities indirectly.
5. Always keep your characters humble and remember that they’re only human after all!
Hopefully these tips will help you defeat your enemies and bring your story to a victorious end.


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