12 Tips to Dress Professionally Everyday

dress professionally

The way you dress for work plays a huge part in determining your success. Your clothes say a lot about your personality and people judge you based on them all the time. Therefore, it is very important to style your outfit appropriately.

But how can you determine what is appropriate and what is not? While there are many cool trends related to formal wear for women like chiffon stitched dresses not all of these are worth your time and attention. Most of these can make you look weird, to say the least. So, below is an easy guide to help you out.

Types of Work Outfits

Depending upon your work settings, you can choose from a variety of work attire. Below is a complete list of them.


It is a dressing style that is preferred in most offices nowadays. You can wear anything ranging from t-shirts and jeans to sweatshirts and pants while your workplace demands this kind of clothing style. But make sure that you don’t forget to wear blazers and suit jackets during interviews and presentations.

Smart Casual

Smart casual is all about adding a bit of fashion statement to your otherwise casual attire. Choose cool items like blazers, high-waisted skirts, trousers, blazers, belts, and heels while you have a smart casual as your office attire.

Business Casual

Business casual is a work attire in between the formal and the casual. If you’re not sure about the settings, you can opt for this attire. You can wear khakis, loafers, button-down shirts, belts, decent necklaces and boots in such settings.

Business Professional

If your enterprise has a more conservative setting, it is best to go for this kind of attire. These outfits need to be formal and fit. You can wear pencil skirts with button-down blouses, suit jackets, heels, and decent Maria B jewellery to get this look.

Business Formal

This type of dressing is normally suited for special business occasions. So, wear a suit or long dresses, heels and gold jewelry when you have an award ceremony or a business dinner to attend.

Tips to Style Your Daily Work Outfit

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the kind of work attires, it is time to move on to some necessary style tips to follow while opting for any sort of attire.

Know Your Body Shape

Your clothes must flatter your body shape. Unfit clothes can make you look weird and unprofessional. Make time for the fitting room whenever you go shopping. Don’t buy anything from sales. Sales can tempt you to buy clothes that might not look good on you. So, buy an expensive but reliable piece instead.

Wear Smart Glasses

Make sure that the glasses you wear to work are appropriate and fit. Avoid funky colors and extra big sizes. Also, ensure that these don’t keep sliding down your nose. This can distract you and other people around you.

Keep a Stylish Bag

Never wear a ripped or an old bag to work. It can destroy your otherwise chic look within seconds. Prefer earthy shades over funky ones and make sure your bag is a medium-sized one. Also, keep your bag neat and clean from the outside as well as on the inside. This is because if there’s no zipper, the untidy inside of the bag can leave a bad impression on anyone who catches a glimpse of it.

Avoid Wet Hair

Never go to your office without drying your hair. Wet hair can leave a very bad impression on the people around you even when you are dressed appropriately. It can convince people into thinking that maybe you can’t manage your private and public life.

Wear a Smart Watch

A smartwatch is the best accessory that you could wear to work. It is the key to impress both your clients and boss.  So, make sure that you invest in a stylish and expensive smartwatch.

Avoid Flashy Clothes

Flashy clothes should be avoided at any cost while heading to work. Neon and bright colors can give you a very immature look. So, no matter how much you may love these colors, never think about wearing them to work.

Wear Nude Pantyhose

A nude pantyhose will you the ultimate voguish look for work. So, whenever you wear pencil skirts, wear a pantyhose underneath it to look sophisticated and urbane.

Wear Appropriate Jewelry

It is very important to select appropriate accessories with your outfit. But make sure that you don’t go overboard with your choices. Don’t let any piece of jewelry overpower your dress. Also, don’t wear bangles or earrings that make too much noise.

Don’t Overexpose

If you don’t want to appear provocative or inappropriate, avoid sexy clothing. Plunging Necklines or exposed undergarments can easily attract unwanted attention. Make sure that your legs remain covered and you don’t wear too high heels in an office setting.

Wear Rich Colors

Your color choices say a lot about you. So, don’t wear bright or funky ones within an office setting. Opt for earthy tones like black, brown, magenta or maroon to make a lasting impression.

Avoid Strong Perfume

It is crucial to smell nice in an office. Bad smell can get you in a lot of trouble. But it is equally important to not go overboard with the smell. A strong smell can be distracting for others and can make you stand out from the crowd. So, go for dim and pleasant ones so that nobody can smell you from a distance.

Don’t Try to Make Style Statements

The office is the worst place at which you can experiment with your outfits. Try to keep it simple and monotone at work. Trying out new trends can make you look stupid and inexperienced, to say the least. So, keep your style statements reserved for hot dates and evening parties.

Surely, this guide may have given you enough tips to rock your work outfits. However, what you choose to wear to work depends upon your employer’s handbook. When I started working at a firm, I bought a couple of formal online women clothes near me in advance. However, within a few weeks, I realized that my office dress-code was more casual. Therefore, I started wearing casual clothes to fit in.

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