Top 5 Business Consulting Companies in Canada

Companies in Canada

The top 5 business consulting companies in Canada are Mercer, Synechron, Norstrat, Nous Group and ICG Group. These are some of the most prestigious companies in the industry. However, these companies may not be the right choice for you. Getting the wrong advice could be detrimental to your organization’s success. That’s why it’s important to do some research before making a decision.


Norstrat is a Canadian consulting firm that specializes in business development, marketing, public relations, and digital strategies. The company has been around for over 30 years and offers its clients a variety of services and products.

Since its inception, Norstrat has built a solid reputation as one of the top strategic consulting firms in Canada. It has helped numerous businesses grow and thrive throughout the country. As a result, many industry professionals recommend the company to their clients.

One of the most impressive things about Norstrat is the amount of expertise it has in various industries. For example, its consultants have experience in lobbying, campaign planning, and political strategy. They can help companies of all sizes get what they need done. In addition, they also offer professional development training for their employees.


Synechron is a global financial services consulting firm that delivers end-to-end digital capabilities. It provides solutions to clients across the world through a network of 22 international offices. In addition, Synechron supports an array of Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

The company is headquartered in New York, but has a significant presence in Asia, Europe, and India. Synechron helps its clients in Banking, Insurance, and Capital Markets.

It offers a wide variety of services, including IT strategy, business process management, application development, mobile application development, and IT security. It also provides digital services to financial institutions in North America.

The company has made several acquisitions, gaining access to emerging markets. They have also been awarded several awards. A few of these include the Marketing Excellence Award for their work in the media.


Mercer is a global consulting firm that specializes in human resources. It is a subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies. The firm was founded in 1945 and subsequently acquired by the two firms in 1959.

Mercer offers a wide range of services, from the simple to the complex. In addition to offering strategic advice, it also provides HR information systems and a digital platform to help organisations engage their employees. One of its most notable innovations is an artificial intelligence tool for DB pension schemes.

Mercer also has a financial wellness resource hub. This is a clever use of technology that helps employees better manage their finances. Among other things, it provides a real time view of their current accounts, loans, and debt.

Nous Group.

A global management consulting firm, Nous Group has a growing presence in Canada, Australia, and the UK. They are known for their innovation and for solving complex business problems with a bold approach. With over 150 employees across the globe, it’s no wonder that they have been recognized as one of the top consulting firms in the world.

The company has worked with many notable clients. It also has a reputation for creating positive impact on both the business and social levels. One of the ways that the company does this is by working with organisations who have a commitment to diversity. In addition, 62 percent of the firm’s staff are female.

Their community partnerships have helped organisations with a wide range of issues. For example, they have helped schools improve workload management and developed cost saving strategies. Another area of expertise is in Indigenous reconciliation.

Nous Group.

A management consulting firm with offices in Canada, Australia, and the UK, Nous Group has helped a number of large government departments and not-for-profit organizations develop strategic solutions that increase their financial performance. As one of the largest management-consulting firms in Australia, Nous provides a wide range of services to help its clients improve their operations and improve their culture.

One of the most important values of the Nous Group is its focus on diversity. Not only does the company have a diverse staff, but it also aims to create a workforce that reflects the communities it serves. Its employees contribute to the firm’s success by contributing to solving complex problems.

The company works with clients to help them improve their operations, improve their financial results, and transform their corporate culture. With a broad range of service offerings, The Burnie Group is one of the best consulting firms in Canada. They work with organizations across a variety of industries, and combine world-class technology with real-world experience to deliver effective transformations.


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