Top 6 Effective Supplements to Reduce Muscle Pain and Stiffness

Top 6 Effective Supplements to Reduce Muscle Pain and Stiffness

One of the most popular methods is to use natural ingredients and supplements to alleviate muscle pain, inflammation, and stiffness. With many types of supplements and oils available explicitly for sore muscles, CBD or cannabidiol has come across as a widely used ingredient. For instance, applying CBD pain relief rub – an anti-inflammatory product, can provide localized relief. Besides CBD, you can also use Arnica, Vitamin D, menthol, peppermint oil, and more.

Read further to learn the 6 effective supplements and oils to alleviate your muscle pain, stiffness, and inflammation.

Which supplements can help manage muscle pain, stiffness, and inflammation?

Sultan CBD’s natural products

CBD is a popular natural supplement to relieve muscle pain and inflammation. Many studies show that cannabidiol can activate the endocannabinoid system in the human body, which controls various bodily functions, from pain control, immune response, mood, and sleep to inflammatory response.

TRPV1 receptors in the human body bind to CBD oils or relief rubs when applied to the skin. Once cannabidiol is adequately absorbed into your skin, the endocannabinoid system transmits signals to your body, mitigating inflammation and increasing the sensation of muscle pain relief. This cannabis compound can help prevent the release of neurotransmitters that contribute to muscle spasming and rigidity rather than inducing muscle relaxation.

CBD pain relief rub by Sultan CBD is formulated with a unique blend of 2,000 mg of superior-quality CBD with Emu oil and other effective ingredients that alleviate aches and discomforts. In addition to muscle pain, applying Sultan CBD intensive relief rub can combat intensive muscle tension, soreness, stiffness, and joint aches. It’s advisable to use this relief rub a maximum of 3 to 4 times a day for quick relief.


A homeopathic herb, arnica can help relieve muscle aches, bruising, and pains. Also called Arnica montana, this traditional supplement has been used for centuries for its medicinal value.

Moreover, this herb has been researched to contain 150 different bioactive components that can help relieve muscle aches, joint pain, and inflammation. The most common and safest way to use arnica to combat muscle pain, stiffness, and bruising is in topical forms like ointments, creams, and roll-ons. Topical arnica application will offer targeted relief to painful areas of your body.

Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Sandalwood Oil

Lavender, eucalyptus, and sandalwood oil are the essential oils extracted from the leaves, fruits, seeds, and flowers that have been used for centuries as natural supplements and healers.

Sandalwood oil boasts anti-inflammatory properties and can help alter the cell signaling of pain in your body. Another go-to- essential oil is lavender oil, which is known for its relaxing effects. You can use it to soothe sore muscles and alleviate muscle pain. Eucalyptus oil is another well-known essential oil known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has been used for decades to treat muscle pain, arthritis, and wounds.

Furthermore, you can combine lavender, eucalyptus, and sandalwood oils with CBD intensive relief rub to deliver anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxing effects to your body.

Menthol and Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is popular in the herbal world for its cooling effect. The cooling action of this herbal oil provides an icy-hot effect on achy, sore, and stiff muscles. When applied topically, peppermint oil releases the substance P – an anti-inflammatory amino acid in your body. This anti-inflammatory amino acid helps alter the transmission of pain signals to your brain and, thus, lets your body feel less muscle pain.

In addition, this oil naturally contains menthol, which boasts analgesic (pain-relieving) properties. Not only does peppermint oil facilitate instant pain reduction, but it also offers anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties, helping reduce stiff and spasm muscles.

On the other hand, menthol is a powerful pain reliever and is known as the Gate Theory. As per the Gathe Theory, menthol disrupts pain-relieving signals, preventing them from reaching your brain. So, your body will not feel the full sense of muscle pain. Now that acute and inflammatory pain is intercepted, menthol offers instant relief.

You can find many CBD pain-relieving products like intensive relief rub containing menthol to alleviate muscle pain and stiffness. Moreover, menthol can dilate blood vessels in your skin to improve blood flow in injured areas or inflammation in your body.

Fish Oil

Fish oil contains powerful omega-3 fatty acids that deliver several health benefits. Although omega-3 fatty acids exist throughout your body, your body can’t produce them on its own. You can obtain these fatty acids through your food source and supplements.

Not many know that fish oils are one of the best supplements for alleviating muscle pain and inflammation. They can help treat several inflammatory conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Regularly consuming the correct dosage of fish oils can significantly decrease inflammation, swelling, and tenderness in muscles and joints.

Moreover, your body can use Omega-3 fatty acids by converting them into anti-inflammatory chemicals called resolvins, which reduce inflammation, stiffness, and muscle pain.


Chili peppers contain a compound called capsaicin. This compound gives chili peppers a hot and spicy taste. Not only does it kick up heat in your body, but it also helps alleviate muscle pain and stiffness. It affects the neurotransmitters that transmit pain signals to your brain and, thus, reduces the perception of muscle pain.

When taken as a supplement, capsaicin can reduce inflammation and pain. Besides this, you can use capsaicin cream or patches as the most effective means to heal muscle pain and stiffness.

Bottom Line

Muscle pain or soreness can be caused by various lifestyle and genetic factors. Among many treatments for muscle pain, inflammation, and stiffness, natural supplementation approaches continue to grow in popularity. All the above-listed supplements and oils are naturally sourced and can effectively alleviate muscle pain, soreness, inflammation, and stiffness. You can find it at the CBD retail store.

However, using too much of anything can cause harmful effects. Therefore, whenever incorporating CBD hemp intensive rub or anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial oils and supplements, consult with your doctor for the appropriate dosage.

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