Wet And Wavy Hairstyles For Black Women



Whether with weaves or wavy wigs, wet and wavy hairstyles are unbelievably effortless and trendy. From bobs and lobs to half-ups and flowy hairstyles, there’s no shortage of hairstyles to flaunt. 

After exploring the internet for days, we have compiled a list of the top hairstyles you can achieve with a front hair wig and weaves– we guarantee you will find your next hairstyle in this blog! 

Ultra-Long Tousled Wet & Wavy Style 


A long and tousled hairstyle 

We are starting the list with this breathtaking ultra-long tousled wet and wavy hairstyle. The hairstyle is effortless and perfect for a day-to-night look. You can easily achieve length and a luscious texture and enjoy versatility with the best hair wigs. Keep your ensemble clean and chic during the day and accessorize for a night out. 

Pro Tip: Use a lightweight leave-in conditioner or serum to hold the wet and wavy look throughout the day and night! 

Fresh Out Of The Pool Style 


The ultimate wet and wavy look 

Is it even a blog about wet and wavy hairstyles if we don’t include the fresh-out-of-the-pool style? This hairstyle exudes a fresh and sensual charm that you can only achieve with wet and wavy wigs or weaves. Go with a side part, tuck one side behind the ears, and brush the baby hair following the wig’s texture. 

Center Parted Wet & Wavy Lob 


Wet and wavy with a hint of messy 

Shifting the gear, we present this beautiful, slightly messy center-parted wet and wavy lob hairstyle. The hairstyle is simple at first glance, but the oomph is in the details. The roots are straightened, and the wet and wavy texture is teased for volume and to get a messy appearance. The baby hair is incorporated well and doesn’t look out of place. 

The hairstyle will look amazing whether you use wet and wavy wigs or weaves to recreate this hairstyle. 

Styling Tip: Give your center-parted wet and wavy lob a slight trim to achieve a layered, voluptuous look, and tame any frizz with a lightweight hair serum.

Double Trouble 


Blonde and copper wet and wavy wig 

This blonde and copper-colored double bun wet and wavy hairstyle is a great way to experiment with the texture. The colors, buns, and texture provide a more cohesive appearance. The hairstyle looks incredibly cute, and the combination of buns and loose hair is a great trend to try. 

Middle-Parted Wet & Wavy Bob 


Wet and wavy wigs

It’s no surprise that bob hairstyles and haircuts are popular among women of all ages. A bob-length hairstyle looks especially stunning, with a wet and wavy texture on ladies with slender face shapes. The gorgeous pattern adds dimension and oomph to the short length. You can easily achieve a sporty, trendy, or elegant appearance based on your outfit with a middle-parted wet and wavy bob hairstyle. 

Tip: Get bob-length wet and wavy weaves installed to get the look! 

Half-Pony With Wet & Wavy Wigs 


A miniature ponytail 

The wet and wavy texture does not require a lot of styling or manipulation, thanks to the gorgeous pattern and lustrous appearance. Try this half-ponytail with a hair cap for wigs and experiment with the beautiful texture. 

Take a small section from the front and create a miniature half-ponytail. Style your edges and bring the stunning hair towards the front, over your shoulder, to showcase the marvelous texture! 

Slicked-Back Wet & Wavy Hairstyle


The slicked-back wet hair look

This slicked-back wet and wavy hairstyle is the holy grail for women of all ages. And what makes this style so popular among women is how easily they can achieve the look with deep wavy clip-ins, weaves, and long hair wig for ladies

Since all the hair is pushed back, the hairstyle allows you to enhance your facial features. Whether with dewy or full face makeup, the slicked wet and wavy hairstyle will complement every look! 

Styling Tip: An off-shoulder top or off-shoulder dress is the best way to pair the hairstyle. 

Voluminous Headband Hairstyle 


Voluminous wet and wavy style 

If you want to keep things simple, tasteful, and fashionable, try this volume-packed long hairstyle with wavy wigs. You can either get a wet and wavy headband wig or use a scarf to create the headband. What a way to style wet and wavy hair, right? We cannot get enough of how stunning the headband hairstyle looks! 

The Glistening Wet & Wavy Lob


The glistening wet and wavy hairstyle for black women 

The wet and wavy hairstyle was brought to stardom by Queen Bey in her Drunk In Love mv, and the trend has been unstoppable since then. This glistening wet and wavy lob hairstyle worn by Hollywood royalty Taraji P. Henson makes her look like she just stepped out of a steam bath. Use wigs hairstyles to recreate this look in no time. Side-part your wet and wavy wig, spray a mix of hair oil and water to achieve the wet and wavy look and seal it with a styling gel. 


Wet and wavy hairstyles for black women look great whether you use wigs, extensions, or weaves to achieve it. Choose any of the hairstyles from above and recreate them using our collection of human hair wigs and weaves! 


At HairFactory, we offer a vast collection of Pure Remi and non-Remy human hair wigs and weaves in various textures and lengths, making styling a dream come true regardless of your natural hair texture.

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