What is a hoverboard?


A hoverboard is a two-wheeled portable electric device that is also commonly known as a self-balancing scooter. That is to say, it is a table or platform with two wheels and two spaces to put your feet, which works with a rechargeable battery. Most of them usually reach a speed of more than 10 kilometers per hour. The movement is controlled with the feet, applying force or dropping the weight in front, behind or to the sides, depending on where you want to move: roughly speaking, you have to throw your body forward to move forward, backwards to stop, and go backward, and shift your weight from one leg to the other to turn. This is the theory, but the truth is that in practice the ability and balance that each one has also influenced. Hoverboards can be one of the games so that children do not get bored on vacation par excellence

How to choose a hoverboard?

There is currently a wide variety of hoverboards on the market, but in order to know how to choose the best hoverboards to give away, you have to look at some key aspects:

  • Obviously one of the first characteristics that we look at is the price, however, it should not be the only or the definitive one, since quality and safety must prevail.
  • It is highly recommend to make sure that the hoverboard has the safety certificate: This is usually indicate on the device itself or on its specification sheet.
  • It is also important to take into account who we are going to give the hoverboard to, how old that person is and what use they will make of it: a hoverboard is design for leisure and fun, rather than, for example, for commuting long, for which a Hoverboards for Kids may be more suitable.

Advantages of Hoverboards

  • There are many advantages of Hoverboards for kids, the most notable are liste below:
  • It is a sustainable means of transport, therefore it is completely ecological, it does not generate polluting emissions.
  • It is perfect for nature lovers.
  • It is easy to park as it has the right size and weight to be able to move it from one place to another. It is possible to take it even to the classrooms or to the office.
  • They take up very little space.
  • It does not require long training to be use, it is really easy to use them. At first, you may feel a bit unbalanced but you can quickly detect the precise movement of your driving.
  • It’s great for working out, it’s a great calorie burner, and constant movement helps improve balance and reduces body weight.
  • It does not need special services and maintenance.
  • In one of the most sought-after Hoverboards for Kids.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It charges in no time, you just need a reliable power source.
  • This means of transport for personal mobility is ideal for shortening distances.
  • It saves time and provides an opportunity to appreciate the scenery a bit.

Disadvantages of Hoverboard

  • They are not big problems but well worth mentioning.
  • Charging time: Depending on the model and brand, the charging times are longer or shorter, unlike other types of transport, the charging time varies between 3 or 5 hours.
  • It’s not recommend to disconnect them prematurely.
  • The duration of the charge is not a rule of thumb for Hoverboards for Kids, but you can run the risk of discharging easily. Therefore, the packaging should careful review where the duration of the charge is indicated to avoid inconveniences.
  • They design for all types of public, they can use by children, adolescents and adults. The trend is not title at specific ages.

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