What is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?


One of the preferred applications in cases where the deformity in the nose is not very serious is non-surgical rhinoplasty. In the piezo method, also called nasal filling, dermal filling is applied to the bridge of the nose. Nose filler prices may also vary depending on the method in which this non-surgical method will be performed. Although there are many factors affecting the price of nasal filling, the experience of the clinic, the experience and expertise of the physician, and the number of successful operations performed are among the prominent factors.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty applications, which are a very reliable option in the treatment of mild problems such as low nasal tip, nasal contour problem, wrinkled nose appearance and nasal flatness, are very simple operations, and the products preferred for filling are completely reliable. Hyaluronic acid is the most commonly used injectable gel-like filler. Which filler will be preferred also determines the prices of nasal fillers. Dermal fillers that reach the deep skin layers in that area after injection provide the desired shape. Although it varies from procedure to procedure and according to the filling material used, the appearance obtained can effectively maintain its presence from 4 months to 3 years. The filling material, which can change in each procedure, can also cause the prices of nasal fillers to change.

Liquid rhinoplasty applications are quite simple procedures compared to surgical rhinoplasty procedures. In aesthetic applications performed with this method, in addition to giving the nose a new appearance, the desired image can be obtained in nasal tips that are congenitally low or fall with age. At the beginning of the parameters that affect the prices of nose surgery, the experience and expertise of the physician and the reliability of the clinic or hospital where the procedure will take place affect the prices. There are many popular applications in medical tourism. One of them is hair transplant applications. People do a lot of searches in this area. The query “hair transplant in Turkey” is one of the most frequent searches by users.

Male Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Rhinoplasty is an operation performed for both men and women to correct the external appearance and/or the function of the nose related to breathing. People who have breathing problems due to a disorder in the nose may also have difficulty in doing their daily work. These people may become unable to enjoy life. Because they have difficulty breathing while walking, eating, talking, sleeping, in short, while doing their daily work. Although this is one of the important motivations for rhinoplasty in turkey , aesthetic reasons have been increasing in recent years. After a successful rhinoplasty operation, the comfort of life improves significantly as it will be easier for people to breathe.

Tips About Female Rhinoplasty (Rhinoplasty) Surgery

In addition, after the rhinoplasty operation, the person’s self-confidence returns with the desired appearance and thus can feel happier. For this reason, rhinoplasty in men is as common as in women. There is no special difference in rhinoplasty for men or women. Only female patients may be more stressed and more sensitive to pain during menstrual periods. This may affect the success of the operation. Therefore, it may be important for female patients to inform their physicians about their menstrual periods. In order to arrange a suitable operation date for them.

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